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Travel Money Exchange Rates

These exchange rates are for 'Home Delivery' and 'Pay and Collect' travel money purchases made via this website. Improved rates are available on some currencies and require a minimum purchase amount. Please click here for a list of Improved rates. 'Reserve and Collect' orders will be transacted at the exchange rate of the day at the branch of collection. If you want our buy back rates then please click here. Our branch exchange rates may vary.

Rates last updated 25 April 2015 08:15:05
CurrencyRateBuyHistorical Exchange Rate Tracker
Euro  Euro 1.3685
US Dollar  US Dollar 1.4884
Australian Dollar  Australian Dollar 1.8882
Bahrain Dinar  Bahrain Dinar 0.5324
Barbados Dollar  Barbados Dollar 2.7580
Brazilian Real  Brazilian Real 4.0371
Brunei Dollar  Brunei Dollar 1.8860
Bulgarian Lev  Bulgarian Lev 2.6010
Canadian Dollar  Canadian Dollar 1.7919
Chilean Peso  Chilean Peso 836.0940
Chinese Yuan  Chinese Yuan 8.7600
Croatian Kuna  Croatian Kuna 10.1200
Czech Krone  Czech Krone 36.6400
Danish Krone  Danish Krone 10.0200
Dominican Peso  Dominican Peso 62.2800
East Carribbean Dollar  East Carribbean Dollar 3.7240
Egyptian Pounds  Egyptian Pounds 10.5700
Fiji Dollar  Fiji Dollar 2.8000
Gambian Dalasi  Gambian Dalasi 58.5350
Hong Kong Dollar  Hong Kong Dollar 11.1300
Hungarian Forint  Hungarian Forint 399.4000
Iceland Krona  Iceland Krona 187.2000
Indonesian Rupiah  Indonesian Rupiah 18068.0000
Israeli Shekels  Israeli Shekels 5.5700
Jamaica Dollar  Jamaica Dollar 163.1000
Japanese Yen  Japanese Yen 172.2000
Jordanian Dinar  Jordanian Dinar 0.9958
Kenyan Shilling  Kenyan Shilling 131.5000
Kuwaiti Dinar  Kuwaiti Dinar 0.4264
Malaysian Ringgit  Malaysian Ringgit 5.0120
Mauritius Rupee  Mauritius Rupee 50.6100
Mexican Pesos  Mexican Pesos 22.3100
New Zealand Dollar  New Zealand Dollar 1.9270
Norwegian Krone  Norwegian Krone 11.2700
Omani Riyals  Omani Riyals 0.5431
Pakistan Rupee  Pakistan Rupee 137.2090
Peru Nuevo Sol  Peru Nuevo Sol 4.2980
Philippines Pesos  Philippines Pesos 59.4000
Polish Zloty  Polish Zloty 5.3750
Qatari Riyals  Qatari Riyals 5.1590
Romanian leu  Romanian leu 5.6510
Russian Ruble  Russian Ruble 72.7800
Saudi Riyal  Saudi Riyal 5.3110
Singapore Dollar  Singapore Dollar 1.9230
South African Rand  South African Rand 17.7000
South Korean Won  South Korean Won 1497.0000
Swedish Kroner  Swedish Kroner 12.5100
Swiss Francs  Swiss Francs 1.4024
Taiwan Dollars  Taiwan Dollars 42.8900
Thailand Bahts  Thailand Bahts 46.5500
Trinidad Tobago Dollar  Trinidad Tobago Dollar 8.8300
Turkish Lira  Turkish Lira 3.9310
UAE Dirhams  UAE Dirhams 5.3350
Vietnamese Dong  Vietnamese Dong 28493.7220

Other currency available. Please email to find out more.

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