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Terms and Conditions - eurochange online travel money

This section sets out the terms and conditions of business for the ordering of foreign currency, foreign currency travellers cheques and other products that may be available from time to time on the eurochange online travel money website.

All references to "we" or "us" in these terms and conditions relates to eurochange Ltd.

All references to "you" or "your" in these terms and conditions relate to the customer using these services and / or the cardholder.

The eurochange online travel money service is available to UK residents, aged 18 and over, for delivery within the UK only.

You must not order travel money for illegitimate reasons or that fail to comply with applicable laws, rules and regulations. In submitting your order you are confirming that your order is for legitimate reasons.

We reserve the right to refuse orders at our discretion for any reason.

By using this service you acknowledge that you have read and understood these Terms and Conditions, and agree to be bound by them.

1. Ordering

1.1 Orders for 'home delivery' have no minimum order amount except the minimum available denominations and a maximum order amount of £1,100 sterling equivalent. We reserve the right to amend these amounts at any time at our discretion.

1.2 Orders for 'pay & collect' have no minimum order amount except for the minimum available denominations and a maximum order amount of £2,000 sterling equivalent. We reserve the right to amend these amounts at any time at our discretion.

1.3 Orders for 'reserve & collect' have no minimum order amount except for the minimum available denominations and a maximum order amount of £2,500 sterling equivalent. We reserve the right to amend these amounts at any time at our discretion.

‘reserve & collect’ orders above £2,500 must be placed by telephone to your chosen eurochange location.

1.4 Orders for 'Sell back and collect' have no minimum order amount except for the minimum denominations that we are able to buy back. The maximum order amount is £2,500 . 'Sell back and Collect' orders over this amount can be processed via our branches but not online.

1.5 Orders placed for all of these services will be rounded up to the nearest suitable denomination and will be processed at the foreign exchange rates quoted on our website on the day of ordering except for 'Reserve and Collect' orders that will be processed at the branch exchange rate of the day.

1.6 You must provide us with all of the requested information for us to process the order. From time to time we may request further information should it be required.

1.7 We will acknowledge receipt of your order but this will not constitute our acceptance of your order. Order acceptance and delivery for ‘home delivery’ and ‘pay and collect’ is subject to receipt of your payment.

1.8 Orders for next day delivery for 'home delivery' and 'pay and collect' must be completed before 4pm Monday to Friday. Please note that deliveries are not available for Public Holidays. Please allow adequate time before you travel for your delivery.

1.9 Orders placed for 'pay and collect' and 'reserve and collect' are delivered free of charge. 'home Delivery' orders under £400 will be charged the standard £4.99 delivery charge, all orders over £400 will be delivered free of charge. 'home Delivery' orders placed for a Saturday delivery will incur additional postal charges which will be detailed during the order process to guarantee the Royal Mail Special Delivery Saturday service.

1.10 ‘home Delivery' orders can only be delivered to residential addresses. It is important that you are present to sign and accept delivery for your order.

1.11 By placing an order you warrant that you are acting on your own behalf and that the information that you provide to us is true and accurate in all respects, that you will not withhold any material information from us, and you will provide us with any information that we may reasonably require.

2. Delivery / Collection

2.1 All ‘home Delivery’ orders will be delivered by Royal Mail Special Delivery Next Day service.

2.2 We are not responsible for late delivery where Royal Mail has failed to meet its contractual obligations.

2.3 If the delivery address is that of a multiple occupancy building then be aware that Royal Mail will deliver to the reception or other delivery point. We are not responsible for deliveries for which Royal Mail has obtained a signature at your billing address but which you have not received.

The Royal Mail has some restrictions on its Special Delivery service, please refer to the Royal Mail website www.royalmail.com for details of up to date restrictions.

2.4 We cannot accept any responsibility for fraudulent acts committed by a third party.

2.5 When you collect your ‘pay and collect’ and ‘reserve and collect’ orders you will be required to produce your order confirmation page or confirmation e-mail.

In addition, for ‘pay and collect’ orders only, you will also be required to produce the Debit or Credit card that you used to make your payment as well as one of the following forms of identification (Please note we reserve the right to PIN authenticate the payment card through the till. There will be no additional charge for a PIN verification):

1 x Proof Of ID
  • Passport
  • Photo card driving licence
  • National ID card

We are unable to accept any other forms of identification other than those listed. We are not able to release ‘pay and collect’ orders to anyone else other than the cardholder.

2.6 Upon arrival at the sell back branch all notes will be verified to ensure that they are current, valid and usable. Any forged notes, outdated, outmoded or unusable notes will not be exchanged and may be retained. We reserve the right to refuse to buy back any denomination of foreign currency notes that we do not sell or that have a value of less than £1.

All ‘Sell back and collect’ orders will be bought back at the sell back web rate of the day on the day the order is placed. The transaction must be completed no later than midnight on the day after the order was placed to secure this exchange rate.

3. Payment

3.1 For ‘home delivery’ and ‘pay and collect’ services payment must be made by debit card, bank transfer or credit card. Please note that payments by credit card will incur a surcharge that may vary from time to time.

Payments made by debit card may incur charges made by the card issuer, please check with your card issuer.

Debit and Credit card payments that are declined by your bank may lead to the funds being set aside on ‘hold’. eurochange has no control of this process and is therefore not liable for any difficulties that arise from this.

Payments made by bank transfer will require you to transfer the sterling amount due to our bank account and to quote the order reference detailed on your order confirmation page and email.

Next day delivery, pay and collect may not apply as we cannot send out or release your order until we have received your funds.

If your bank offers the faster payments service then we should receive your funds within 2 hours. If your bank does not offer the faster payments service then we should receive your funds within 2 to 3 working days.

We cannot be held responsible for delays in us receiving your funds.

3.2 All details provided must be correct.

3.3 We do not charge any commission for any foreign currency products. Purchases of sterling travellers’ cheques attract a 2% commission (minimum £3.00).

4. Travellers cheques

4.1 Purchases of travellers cheques are subject to the purchase and refund conditions set by the travellers cheque issuer. Please read these conditions carefully when you receive your travellers cheques.

If your travellers cheques are lost or stolen, the issuer will only refund you if you have fully complied with the conditions.

4.2 The intended user of the travellers cheque must sign each travellers cheque in permanent ink immediately upon receipt. Unsigned travellers cheques will not be refundable if lost or stolen.

4.3 You must safeguard each cheque against loss or theft. You must not hand over travellers cheques voluntarily, as collateral, in an illegal game of chance or other prohibited activity.

4.4 You must not use any travellers cheque in violation of any laws, or have any travellers cheques seized or confiscated by court order or government action.

4.5 You must notify the issuer immediately of the loss or theft of any of your travellers cheques, and notify local police if requested.

4.6 You must provide proof of purchase and acceptable proof of identity when making a refund claim.

4.7 You must co-operate fully in any investigation of a claim (including agreeing to our verifying any information relevant to the claim), and agree to co-operate fully in any resulting legal action or proceedings (including those against a third party).

4.8 You must complete and sign the appropriate refund claim documents to the issuer’s reasonable satisfaction.

4.9 The right to a refund can be delayed during investigation of a loss or theft and neither we nor the issuer will be liable for any loss or expense caused by any such delay.

4.10 If you recover a travellers cheque that you have reported lost or stolen, or obtain any information that would help the issuer to recover a lost or stolen travellers cheque, you must immediately inform the issuer.

4.11 Due to the nature of travellers cheques, we cannot stop a travellers cheque being accepted.

5. Buy back

5.1 You can either use our ‘Sell back and collect’ service using your local branch or we can buy back your unused foreign currency and / or travellers cheques at the prevailing buy back rate of exchange on the date received unless you have purchased the original rate buyback product to which the terms and conditions of your buyback will have been provided to you on your receipt.

5.2 We can only buy back denominations that we supply

5.3 Postal returns must be sent to us at the address detailed on the returns form by Royal Mail Special Delivery ONLY and at your risk.

5.4 We can also buy back your unused foreign currency and / or travellers cheques at any eurochange bureau de change.

5.5 We charge a commission of 2% (minimum £3) for buying back sterling travellers cheques. We do not charge commission for buying back foreign currencies or foreign currency travellers cheques.

5.6 For Postal returns only sterling amounts due will be paid directly into your bank account detailed on your returns form.

6. Cancellations

6.1 Should you wish to cancel your order before 1.00pm on the date your order is placed you can e-mail us detailing your reasons for cancellation to customerservices@eurochange.co.uk. Orders placed between 1pm and 4pm cannot be cancelled for any reason.

7. Feedback / Complaints procedure

7.1 We are committed to providing high quality and great value foreign exchange services. We pride ourselves in the high standard of service we offer so your feedback is very important to us.

To feedback your comments or register a complaint please email customerservices@eurochange.co.uk outlining your comments or complaints, please quote any reference numbers that have been issued to you to enable us to handle your comments / complaint effectively.

8. Liability

8.1 We will only be liable to you for the direct losses (e.g. the value of the currency) in relation to each contractual transaction that you incur if we breach our obligations under the Terms and Conditions. You accept that this is a reasonable pre-estimate of the loss you may suffer resulting from any breach by us of our obligations.

8.2 All conditions, warranties and remedies imposed or implied by any applicable law are expressly excluded (save for death, personal injury or fraud, our liability shall remain unlimited).

8.3 We will not be liable to you in contract, tort, or for breach of statutory duty or in any way in connection with the Terms and Conditions for any indirect or consequential losses or special damages or for the loss of profit, contracts, business or anticipated savings or any additional costs that you may incur whether or not such costs, losses or damages were in the contemplation of the parties at the date of the contractual transaction.

8.4 Under no circumstance shall we be liable for an act of omission of any third party involved in the payment process or otherwise. All implied terms are excluded to the fullest extent available under the law.

9. Third parties

9.1 A person who is not a party to the Trading Agreement has no rights under the contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 to enforce any term of the Trading Agreement but this does not affect any right or remedy of a third party which exists or is available under the Act.

10. Governing law

10.1 Customers are contracted with eurochange Ltd, and agree that English Law governs this contract.

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