Best European hotspots for a winter break

19 Oct 2018

Winter is coming… and we want to show you some of the best European hotspots for your winter break!

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Tiggeuro’s top destinations: Australia

15 Oct 2018

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6 ways to find the cheapest flights for business travel

09 Oct 2018

If you’re off on a business trip and need cheap flights, we’ve got a few tips to help get you off the ground.

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6 of the most peaceful destinations around the world

21 Sep 2018

We’ve found some of the best places to relax around the world.

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Tiggeuro’s Top 7 Destinations for Late Summer Sun

17 Sep 2018

If you’re after a final glimpse of sunshine, Tiggeuro, our friendly mascot has found the top places for your 2018 autumn holiday.

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Why is the Turkish Lira so volatile?

22 Aug 2018

It’s no secret that the Turkish currency is currently going through a tough situation!

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6 of the most relaxing spots around the world

15 Aug 2018

We’ve found some of the most relaxing spots around the world that’ll make you wish you were there right now!

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Currency facts you didn’t know you wanted to know

06 Aug 2018

We’ve gathered some fun facts that you may not have known about some of our most popular currencies!

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Tiggeuro’s top places to travel – Canada

18 Jun 2018

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Expats, our International Payments service has your back!

04 Jun 2018

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Six top tips to prepare for your next business trip

31 May 2018

Preparing for your business trip properly is just as important as how you prepare for an important meeting or presentation! How you prepare, what you remember to do and when you do it could have an effect on the effectiveness and productivity of your trip.

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9 of the most bizarre travel insurance claims we’ve ever seen!

17 May 2018

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6 bizarre vegetarian dishes from around the world

14 May 2018

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A brief history of International Payments

02 May 2018

We may wonder how we’d survive without the internet and smart phones to conduct business, but international payments has essentially been around for centuries, even millenniums… just not quite as quickly, easily or fairly!

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Ways to save money while travelling as a student

27 Mar 2018

Guest post from Travelling Tom.

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Spring has arrived…

25 Mar 2018

Let’s hope it stays around a while! If you’re after a little more heat and excitement, here are a few of our top spots to spend a spring getaway.

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5 fascinating bodies of water around the world

22 Mar 2018

Red flowing water and boiling lakes are just some of the bizarre and magnificent bodies of water in our list of favourites! Which is yours?

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Stunning forests from around the world

21 Mar 2018

Forests can be a haven of peace and serenity… so for the International Day of Forests we thought we’d bring you some of the most beautiful photos of forests we could find.

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Celebrate St Patrick’s Day in style

10 Mar 2018

Get those euros and watch Dublin go green with Paddy’s Day excitement…

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