Why should you open an International Payments account?

01 Mar 2018

Whether you’ve got an overseas mortgage to pay, are making large or regular payments abroad or just want a safe way to transfer your money, you need one of our International Payments accounts!

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Unique Valentine’s Day traditions from around the world

14 Feb 2018

Valentine’s Day is celebrated the world over, but celebrations and traditions have differed from country to country. Check out some of our favourites…

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Pi-zza pizza anyone? It's National Pizza Day!

09 Feb 2018

Whether you’re a Margherita person, prefer a pepperoni or go all out with a Hawaiian (I know, we don’t agree either), National Pizza Day is here.

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Top 10 tips for travelling with children

15 Jan 2018

To many the thought of travelling with kids is stressful and not their idea of a relaxing holiday. But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be stressful. Don’t believe us? Keep reading…

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Boost your 2018 business trips

12 Jan 2018

Going abroad on business? Kick-start 2018 and plan the most productive trip yet with our business boosting tips.

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Set your travelling New Year’s Resolutions

02 Jan 2018

Everyone always has the same New Year’s resolutions – losing those extra few pounds, start saving, get a new job and so on. Here at eurochange we’ve come up with a few suggested resolutions to help you travel through 2018.

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Top 5 destinations to spend New Year’s Eve

29 Dec 2017

New Year’s Eve: the ultimate night out, family time or excuse to go out for a fancy dinner. If you’re looking for the perfect place to welcome 2018, check out our top 5 destinations for a fantastic night.

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Traditional Christmas activities in Hamburg

22 Dec 2017

If you’re after a short break packed full of Christmas cheer, one place stands out from the crowd. Head to Hamburg in Germany for Christmas markets and festive fairs that everyone will enjoy.

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Top tips for a stress-free Christmas break

15 Dec 2017

Travelling at any time of year can be stressful – whether you’ve got kids, are a couple or a lone traveller. But with the added pressures that Christmas can bring, the stress can often be heightened. So we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to make your festive trip as stress-free as possible.

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Headed to Southeast Asia? Four tips to make your currency go even further

15 Sep 2017

Guest post from Two Lost Americans

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Welcome to the Historic Cape Coast Castle, South Africa

28 Aug 2017

Guest post by Expedition Trek

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The top five best holiday destinations in November

25 Aug 2017

Not all of us go on holiday during the summer and some of us are limited to a brief jaunt across the pond. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t enjoy the summer sun…just a little later. So let’s look at a few holidays on a budget, in November, that are preferably warm…shouldn’t be too hard.

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How To Avoid ATM Fraud While Traveling in Bali, Indonesia

23 Aug 2017

Guest post by Ni Wayan Ekarini

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Using the US Dollar in Cambodia

22 Aug 2017

Guest post by Cases Packed

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A Laid Back Day in Lucerne, Switzerland

21 Aug 2017

Guest post by Madison Sullivan, www.whereveritlands.com

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3 Simple Ways to Protect Your Finances When Travelling

18 Aug 2017

Guest Post by Kim Lewis at Our Travel Moments

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A Guide to Saving Money on Your Holiday

16 Aug 2017

Guest post by Empty Pocket Guide

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Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Road Survival Tips

14 Aug 2017

Guest Post by Vikki Lawman at Through the Trees

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Where should I Holiday in October?

11 Aug 2017

When looking for a holiday, especially towards the end of the UK summer, it’s not so much about cost (although that’s a factor), it’s not really about flying time (although the shorter the better), it’s mainly about – will it be hot?

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