Happy Mother's Day Mum, do you want to go on holiday?

26 Mar 2017

There are many different Mums out there; there are Mums that bake, Mums that run, Mums that spa and many more Mums. No matter which type of Mum you have, Mother’s Day is the day to show your appreciation for all she does for you.

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How To Take A Road Trip Across The USA Via Route 66

23 Mar 2017

Touring the world comes in all shapes, sizes and ways. From airplanes to bicycles, ferry, cruise ship or car, touring the globe is a time honoured tradition and few are quite as renowned and ingrained in a culture as riding the road on Route 66.

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How to Travel Alone - an A-Z guide

20 Mar 2017

Travelling alone can be a great way of giving you complete freedom and control of where you go and what you see. However, being on your own in a foreign land comes with increased risks; that’s why we’ve put-together this guide, to help you navigate your trip and get the most out of your adventure.

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Multi-Currency Cash Passport - how it works

13 Mar 2017

With cash machines prevalent throughout Europe and the rest of the world, why-oh-why do I need another card?

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The Top 5 best places to spend St. Patrick’s Day

10 Mar 2017

On March the 17th, the emerald green shines on us one and all, whether you are in Ireland or elsewhere, Irish or not, St. Patrick’s Day is a day that people around the world can come together and celebrate.

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The best place to drink at the End of the World

08 Mar 2017

Depending on where you start, the end of the world could be all manner of places and not necessarily a rough, tough, grotty place. In this post, we’re going to take you as far away as we can and when we get you there, we’re gonna buy you a drink!*

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What is the safest way to carry your cash abroad?

03 Mar 2017

After you’ve decided on your destination, booked your holiday, packed your bag and exchanged your money with eurochange, many people overlook how they will travel around their chosen country/countries with their funds. We would like to suggest a few methods…

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How to keep your children safe on holiday

01 Mar 2017

There are many things to think about before and during a holiday with your family, but we can all agree that child safety is paramount. So we’ve put together a list of hints and tips to keeping your loved ones safe and having fun while abroad.

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Exchange your money before you get to the airport

24 Feb 2017

Should I exchange my money before I get to the airport? Yes! ​ What, you want more information? OK…

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Top Five Funiculars of the World

23 Feb 2017

Definition: a cable railway which hosts tram-like vehicles on rails and pulls them up and down steep inclines – some steeper than others.

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The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

22 Feb 2017

Is there a best way to go to sleep while flying? That is the question travellers across the globe have been asking for generations. Well, eurochange is here to tell you…

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Giant Passenger Airplanes of the Past and Future

20 Feb 2017

If you were lucky enough, as a child, to travel around Europe on family holidays, you would often find ourselves in the airport departure lounge; waiting for boarding time and watching your parents grow steadily more and more frustrated about having to be there 2-3 hours in advance. For us children, the chance to spend as long as possible, staring through floor-to-ceiling windows at what can only be described as Goliath machine, well, we couldn’t be happier. And you never knew what you might see.

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Traveller's Cheques - Holiday Money through the years

17 Feb 2017

Many of you grew-up travelling mainland Europe with your parents.

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How to Pop the Big Question to your Loved One

15 Feb 2017

Ever since cave man said to cave woman – “ug ug Ugy me”, proposals have taken place.

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Dive under water and visit Cities of yesteryear

13 Feb 2017

For many tourists, the historical element of their journey is highly prized. “So, where did you go on holiday this year?” asks a friend. You reply, “Pavlopetri, Greece.” “Is that on the coast?” “Yes, you could say that” you reply, smiling.

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Airline Safety Cards – an interesting history

10 Feb 2017

As commercial airlines rarely come equipped with ejection seats and parachutes, it became (we imagine) clear to provide instructions on what procedures to follow in the event of an incident. Now, doubtless due to the various language barriers one encounters in the travel industry, and keen to save money on multi-language printing costs, airlines manufactured safety cards that were almost entirely illustrated.

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Top Five Best St.Valentine’s Day Destinations For Couples

08 Feb 2017

Valentine’s Day is nearly upon us (February 14th, chaps) and it’s time to get that thinking cap on. Turn-up the romance and surprise your significant other with a mini-break or if you have the time, maybe a bigger-break?

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The world's weirdest hotels - Part Four

06 Feb 2017

Back by popular demand, here is the fourth installment in our journey to uncover the oddest, strangest, most peculiar and down-right weirdest hotels across the world. Get ready for bookshelf beds and Bombardment resistant locales. Here’s The World’s Weirdest Hotels – Part Four!

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Great World Airlines of the past, long forgotten

03 Feb 2017

The dawn of the aircraft (Wright Brothers – 1902) brought with it a new expectation, a belief and a desire to journey across the seas and around the world in one foul swoop. As the years progressed, airlines began to make that dream a reality, flying further, higher and longer than ever before. But sadly, along the way there were failings. Aircraft crashed, airlines folded and as if overnight, institutions in the travel industry fell by the wayside.

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