Great World Airlines of the past, long forgotten

03 Feb 2017

The dawn of the aircraft (Wright Brothers – 1902) brought with it a new expectation, a belief and a desire to journey across the seas and around the world in one foul swoop. As the years progressed, airlines began to make that dream a reality, flying further, higher and longer than ever before. But sadly, along the way there were failings. Aircraft crashed, airlines folded and as if overnight, institutions in the travel industry fell by the wayside.

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British Islands you never knew were British

01 Feb 2017

Holidays come and go. For many of us we look to go to somewhere comfortable, others like to try to the random and obscure, but how many of you have visited your British compatriots in the Caribbean?

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Why trains are better than planes

27 Jan 2017

For business men and women around the world, travelling to meetings up and down the country or to entirely different countries can be a dour affair. Taking a last-minute flight, over-priced, uncomfortable and severely lacking in in-flight entertainment - this is not fun.

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Valentine’s Day when you have Children

25 Jan 2017

For all of us parents, one of the biggest bug-bears is finding time to be together, that’s together in the romantic sense. Children, yes they’re lovely, but they don’t half get in the way when you’re trying to spend some quality time with your significant other, so, what can we do?

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Going Underground – Travelling the World’s hidden tracks

20 Jan 2017

For many people, travel means flying, sailing or busing their way across and over Europe, with a view to finding a sunny beach somewhere and tanning the weeks away. Sounds good to us, but when you get there, sometimes there’s more travelling to be done and it can be really quite a different experience.

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Top Ten ways to Save Money while Travelling

17 Jan 2017

To help you get the most out of your trip, we have put together our top 10 hints and tips to travelling the globe on a budget. Here’s how you can get your money to stretch that bit further.

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The Warmest Places to Holiday in early 2017

13 Jan 2017

There’s a long list, but one of the best reasons for living on this planet is travel and for many travel means going wherever it’s warm, especially for those of us from a generally cold climate.

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Are you ATOL protected?

04 Jan 2017

On the 15th of July 2016, Travel Company - ‘went-under’ and as of 4th January 2017, Cruise Company - All Leisure Holidays stopped trading. As it stands, 400 people are due for repatriation and a further 7000 customers have had their future holidays cancelled are due a full refund.

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New Years’ Money Customs around the World

03 Jan 2017

New Year’s comes but once a year, but for many people, it is a celebration more exciting than Christmas and full of tradition. Here is our brief but insightful run-down on festive New Year’s traditions around the world.

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Review your last holiday before your next one

30 Dec 2016

Holidays are something we all look forward to, and we often start planning right after the last one. With that in mind, it’s often time to look-back and review how your last holiday went. Here’s our check-list of where you went wrong and how you can go right.

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Top Ten Tips to Travelling Easier and Safer

28 Dec 2016

Following-on from our successful Top 10 Tips articles, here are eurochange's top ten tips for travelling the easier and safer way.

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EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card

23 Dec 2016

What is the European Health Insurance Card and Why do I need it?

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Renting Scooters Abroad

21 Dec 2016

For many of us, holidays are a time to relax, sit-back, soak-up the sun and avail ourselves of a cocktail or two. That’s the plan for most, but every now and then, the idea of exploring the local area might appeal.

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Top Ten ways to Save Money on your Travel in 2017

19 Dec 2016

Here at eurochange we understand that if you can save HERE, you can spend THERE. To that end, here's our list of the Top Ten Tips for saving money while travelling in 2017.

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Why is Italy such a worry for the European Union?

16 Dec 2016

Italy has been the next crisis waiting to happen in the EU since Brexit in June 2016, but the referendum on 3rd December has baffled many international observers. So why did the ‘No’ vote send markets into a jitter and what might it mean for the future of the European Union?

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The Top Ten Free Travel Apps for 2017

14 Dec 2016

We've scoured the internet and we're pretty sure that these ten apps are THE TEN APPS for you and your travel needs in 2017.

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Top Ten Travel Hacks for 2017

12 Dec 2016

Here’s eurochange’s top ten travel hacks for 2017 to get you through the flight and holiday unscathed, and with some currency leftover when you return.

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Business Travel with Airbnb

08 Dec 2016

Not so very long ago, if your boss sent you away for a conference or another business related shindig, he or she’d look to put-you-up in a chain hotel or some other budget establishment with the hope of saving a little money for the “company”.

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The world's weirdest hotels - Part Three

06 Dec 2016

In part one and part two of our ‘World’s Weirdest Hotels’ series, you saw Icey hotels, watery residences and accommodation shared with tall, four legged Afrikaners – well this time around, we’re going deep, deep down – underground and beyond!

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