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8 sneaky ways to get cheaper flights

16 Sep 2016

We all dread the extra charges for luggage, taxes and less than appealing plane food, so here’s how to make sure you're booking the cheapest flights...

It’s all very well finding a holiday bargain (such as at one of our top value holiday destinations 2016) but if you’re not careful you’ll end up paying way over the odds for your flights.

1. Compare your comparison sites

Sites like SkyScanner, Kayak, Travel Supermarket and might be brilliant, but the deals and airlines they list can vary wildly. If you really want the best deal it’s worth spending a few extra minutes checking as many as you can.

Also, some budget and small airlines aren’t listed on these sites, so it’s a good idea to check which budget airlines fly to your destination and then take a look at their websites directly too.


2. Browse under the radar

Travel blog Thrifty Nomads claims that your web browser cookies reveal to flight companies when you’re searching for a certain location, and they can put up the price of the flight to panic you into booking! Always use private/incognito browsing so your search history can’t be detected.


3. Let the experts do the work for you

Sign up to cost-cutting pros like MoneySavingExpert, TravelZoo  and SkintDad – they’ll do the flight deal-searching for you and send updates on the best ones in their email newsletters.


4. Book on a Tuesday or Wednesday

It seems widely accepted that airlines tend to run sales from Tuesday to Thursday (their least busy days) so keep your eyes peeled for good deals on these days.


5. Don’t stay loyal to one airline (or airport!)

If you’re flying to a city with more than one airport, you may find it’s cheaper to book your outward flight to one and your return flight from another. Likewise, you could save serious cash by booking the outward/return journeys with different airlines.


6. Fly on a Tuesday or Saturday… or don’t

Lots of people say these are the cheapest days to travel, so it could be a good starting point on your search, however you’re better off using tools such as SkyScanner’s comparison chart which shows the cheapest flights across an entire month. Simple.


7. Leave it later

According to the Telegraph’s most recent research, if you’re not flying in the busiest times of year, you can afford to leave it until a month or two before your flight to book in order to get the best rates.


8. Approach holiday planning from a new angle

If you’re not dead set on a certain country, why not let the holiday destination choose you this year? Comparison sites let you view the cheapest flights on a given date – so not only can you save money, you can discover a new favourite part of the world. And that’s priceless.


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