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Exchange your money before you get to the airport

24 Feb 2017

Should I exchange my money before I get to the airport? Yes! ​ What, you want more information? OK…

eurochange do not currently operate in airports, and we’ll tell you why.

As foreign exchange experts, we have always understood that in order to give our customers the best rates we possibly could, operating in airports would present us with a massive challenge. 

In an article in the Guardian newspaper in October 2016, Tracy Bownes, retail director at Moneycorp, said the reason for the rates offered at airports was “the significant cost associated with operating there – from ground rent and additional security to the cost of staffing the bureaux for customers on early and late flights”.  

To that end, we chose to position our branch network on UK high streets and in shopping centres as well as online. By encouraging our customers to buy and sell their foreign currency before they travel and when they return home, we knew that we could give them the service and value they deserved.

Service, Convenience & Value are our key messages and working within ‘high street’ and shopping centre locations we feel that we are best equipped to provide these benefits to the travelling public.   

To support our view of exchange services at airports around the world, here’s Martin Lewis, founder of consumer advice site, “Nobody in their right mind should buy foreign currency at a bureau in an airport. It’s abominable. It’s a monumental, horrendous rip-off.” Telegraph

We are proud to state that we are one of the leading foreign exchange experts on high street, with over 141 branches across the UK. That means that in addition to our online presence, we are also available for that face-to-face friendly service that is often missed.  

A spokesman for Which? said: “By ordering currency online, you can secure the best exchange rates, for home delivery, or collection...”

When you get down to the ‘nitty-gritty’, our own research shows that by ordering with eurochange you can receive up to 15% more foreign currency for your money.

Many travellers find themselves short of time prior to their trip; getting ahead on work, packing, arranging for cat-sitters and the like, that exchanging currency is often an afterthought. If you need foreign currency in a hurry, our Click & Collect service in 60 seconds can really help. Over the years, generational memory has led to people believing that buying foreign currency at an airport is simply the ‘done thing’ - your parents did it and so should you, just like shopping at well-known supermarkets and buying brand products – they maybe well-known, but are they good for you and your pocket? 

Airport exchanges capitalize on convenience and provide poorer rates while charging commission (which we don’t charge and quite frankly, no one outside the airports has charged in years!) and charges all add-up to you losing-out.

Eurochange performs a survey of airport rates and services each year, in an effort to stay abreast of the best ways we can aide our customers. We’ll be performing another survey of airport rates in the next few months, so keep your eyes peeled.
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