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What is the safest way to carry your cash abroad?

03 Mar 2017

After you’ve decided on your destination, booked your holiday, packed your bag and exchanged your money with eurochange, many people overlook how they will travel around their chosen country/countries with their funds. We would like to suggest a few methods…

Do you remember the Bum-Bag?

We know, it’s not the most flattering of fashion appendages (although it did come back in fashion a few years ago), but the bum-bag or money-belt can be incredibly useful. Depending on where you’re going, the risk of pick-pockets can be quite high or relatively low. Either way, hiding your euros is always a good idea. 

Likewise a little common sense can make all the difference. 


Cash machines

A little self-awareness can save you hundreds of pounds. It’s advisable, whenever you are withdrawing cash from a machine to either do it when there are a lot of people around but no one suspiciously close to you, so as to dissuade would-be thieves, or, if your need to take-out money at night, have a friend stand nearby and help shield your pin number and act as a look-out. 

Dummy Wallet or Purse

Depending on where you end-up, the dummy wallet is a clever idea. All of you have an old wallet, retired from active service not too long ago. Well, time to call it back-up for duty. If you find yourself being asked rather abruptly for your money, wouldn’t you rather be prepared? Fill your wallet with a couple of expired bank cards, a few out-dated membership cards and yes a few notes. If you have to hand-over a wallet, it needs to look believable. Better to lose $20, a few coins and an ancient Blockbuster Membership card than your real wallet.

Hotel Safe

Upon arrival at your hotel, unpack and place the important things in the safe. At least half your money, passports, insurance papers and anything else you absolutely cannot lose. Before you do this however, make sure the safe is securely bolted into the room and that it seems safe – no pun intended.

Don’t Flash the Cash

Chances are you saved-up for weeks or more likely, months to afford this trip and the spending money that accompanies it and the last thing you need is to have it taken from you before you’ve had the chance to spend it. So, be subtle. Only take money out of your pocket when you are sure of your environment and the need to spend it.

Alternatives to Cash

Traveller’s Cheques and debit cards are the best alternatives to carrying cash around. Traveller’s cheques are guaranteed to be replaced when reported as lost, stolen or damaged and debit/credit cards are generally insured against fraud and theft. But, neither provide the same option as the Multi-Currency Cash Passport; a card which can carry up-to ten different currencies at one time and is protected – not connected to your bank account and can be replaced, money still loaded with a phone call. 

So, hopefully, if you follow these hints and tips the risk of robbery and pick-pocketing while on holiday will lessen and you can enjoy your break with just a modicum of common sense.
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