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How far can I Travel for £100?

26 Apr 2017

As the foreign exchange expert, eurochange understands that the general British public might be growing concerned as to how far they can actually travel and how far their Great British Pound will go. So, using a rather orange flight website, we have put together a list of destinations that are accessible on a per person basis for less than £100. To keep it simple, all flights depart from London based airports and return to the same location.

Czech Republic

Currency: Koruna

Why? Well, there’s beer. No really, it’s everywhere. The Czech Republic has a very long history of fermenting grain and as such, they are the historical home of the Pilsner or Plzeň as the Czechs call it. In case you’re interested, the Czech Beer Festival in Prague runs from the 11th-27th of May 2017. Maybe you want to tour the cities and towns? Prague is the capital and no visit can be complete without a walk over the Gothic Charles Bridge or a trip to the Baroque Church of St. Nicholas. Myths and legends populate the land, so for anyone eager to hear about saints, devils and ghosts, this is the city for you. 

Note: the annual Prague Fringe Festival starts on May 26th and the Food Festival runs during the same time. 

London Gatwick to Prague £54.99 – dep 09.00 arr 12.00
Prague to London Gatwick £32.99 dep 15.10 arr 16.05
Final Price £87.98 
30th April – 9th May



Currency: Krona

Every year the seasonal trend for travel changes like…well, like the seasons - one summer it’s Croatia, the next it’s Portugal, one spring it’s Milan, the next, Madrid. So this summer, where will you be going?

So what does Iceland have that you can’t find at home? Volcanoes, Northern Lights, giant diamond-like ice deposits, extreme off-road driving and more – that’s what.

The beaches are black, the weather is anything but tropical and the meat is fermented…yep, really. Yet, off we go, in our droves. Over the last year tourists from all over the world have saturated this small North Atlantic Island, invading and outnumbering the resident population of 328,000 by up to 700%. As you might imagine, this means that booking accommodation on the island in advance is highly recommended, but surprisingly, budget prices are available.

Note: there is more to Iceland than just Reykjavik, just have a look.

London Luton to Reykjavik (Keflavik) £44.99 – dep 06.00 arr 08.05
Reykjavik (Keflavik) to London Luton £39.99 – dep 08.45 arr 12.40
Final Price £84.98
30th April – 9th May



Currency: Kuna

Why visit the Republic of Croatia when there are so many other places to see? Well, here’s our list and we think you’ll find it rather enlightening and persuasive.
The centre of Pula is all of a few miles from the beach and the Brijuni National Park, which consists of 14 islands, is reachable by a pleasant boat trip and is home to some beautiful vegetation, picnic venues and there’s swimming opportunities in abundance.

A popular port of call for cruise ships, Dubrovnik, as you might imagine, has a plethora of places to visit including Sponza Palace - a gothic renaissance palace, The city walls themselves and the Bell Tower, famed for its ‘Zelenci’ (Green Ones), bronze statues that strike the bell on the hour. All of 3 kilometres away from the town proper are a series of beaches, sandy and comfortably shaded in places by tress, with an array of cafes and bars within walking distance. It's also the setting for King's Landing, the fictional city in the extremely popular television show, Game of Thrones

There’s also Korčula, a town and island located in the Adriatic Sea, very near to Dubrovnik and as legend would have it, the birthplace of the world traveller, Marco Polo.

London Gatwick to Pula £71.29 dep 18.25 arr 21.35
Pula to London Gatwick £21.14 dep 22.10 arr 23.25
Final Price £92.63
29th April – 6th May



Currency: Lev

Sandwiched between Romania, Turkey and Greece, it’s not surprising that at this time of year, Bulgaria is getting warm –reaching a high of 21°C or 70°F if you prefer. 
The capital – Sofia is the largest city in Bulgaria, or rather; the Republic of Bulgaria and the country is simply teeming with history; from the spectacular Cathedral Saint Alexandar Nevski to the Vitosha Mountain, the beaches of the Bulgarian Black Sea Riviera and the Stone Desert of Varna,there is more to do than you can imagine. 

Warning: Taxis in Bulgaria are generally cheap, but due to scams, the Bulgarian Government has demanded transparency from its taxi drivers. A unified price list must now be listed as stickers to windows and doors. If your taxi doesn’t show their price, be prepared to pay!

London Gatwick to Sofia Intl £38.99 dep 06.05 arr 11.05
Sofia Intl to London Gatwick £50.49 dep 11.55 arr 13.10
Final Price £89.48 
2nd May – 11th May

Swiss mountains-1645078_1920


Currency: Swiss Franc

Switzerland is home to the Cuckoo clock and the Funicular, oh and chocolate, and mountains and…well, its home to a lot of things. Zurich, Berne, Basel, Geneva, the list of iconic cities and destinations simply doesn’t stop. So whether you’re interested in skiing, climbing, relaxing the days away in a chalet or sailing Lake Geneva, you are onto a winner with Switzerland.

Note: Switzerland borders France, Italy, Austria and Germany…oh and Lichtenstein too, so there are plenty of countries to visit en-route, if you decide on a scenic drive? 

London Gatwick to Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg £25.99 dep 08.10 arr 10.45
Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg to London Gatwick £15.56 dep 17.25 arr 18.00
Final Price £68.55
1st May – 9th May

Don’t forget to visit eurochange before you travel for great rates on Lev, Swiss Francs, Euros and more. 

Read our currency guidelines here and be in the know, before you go. 
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