Saving money when you’re on holiday

22 Jan 2019

Guest blog post by Katy Gilroy.

Travelling and going on holiday can be expensive - so whether you’ve splurged on an expensive trip and don’t have much left to spend while you’re there, or you’re just generally trying to travel on a budget, here’s some top tips for saving money when you’re on holiday.




Consider transport options when you’re out and about. If walking can get you from A to B, then great - it’s completely free and gives you the opportunity to do some sightseeing that you might otherwise miss. Public transport is good for long journeys, and if you take some time to work it out it’s not too difficult to use when you’re abroad. If there’s quite a few of you and you’re going a bit further than walking distance but not too far, then consider a taxi - it could work out cheaper!


Free attractions


Have a look online for free things to do wherever you’re headed - you’ll be able to find blog posts and articles full of fun things to do that won’t cost you a penny. Museums often have one day per week or month that it’s free to enter, and there are all sorts of things to do that won’t set you back such as looking out for street art, free walking tours, and exploring lush green parks. Ask if there are any discount available too for students or those over a certain age.


Dining out

 dining out

Eating out can get expensive, so if you’re staying in an apartment, hotel or hostel that has cooking facilities, consider cooking for yourself at some points. Supermarkets abroad are filled with wonderful things that you might not have tried before, so it’s an opportunity to try something new whilst saving money. Even if you’ve only got access to a hob or microwave, you can whip up a decent meal for any time of day. Pack snacks - crisps, cereal bars etc - in your bag for days out too to stop you spending money between meals if you get a bit peckish.


Carry a water bottle


Take a filled water bottle out and about with you, especially if it’s hot - that way you can stay hydrated without having to spend money on buying a drink when you need one. Look out for places with clean drinking water to fill it up on the go, or purchase one with a built in filter so you can just fill it up from any tap you see.


Local recommendations


Ask staff and locals for their personal recommendations, as they’re likely to favour places that are more authentic, off the beaten track, not crammed with tourists and therefore much cheaper than the famous hangouts of any particular city. While it’s fun to head to places that everybody knows or has recommended, it can get expensive and it’s also fun to find completely unheard-of places that you can then go on to recommend to people.


Happy money-saving travels!

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