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10 top tips for easier business travel

16 Sep 2016

Frequent flyer miles, client dinners and nice hotels are definite business trip perks, but regular overseas travel can really take its toll, and not just on your company credit card. Save yourself from the stress, illness and mishaps of business travel and make it easier for good with these handy tips...

1. Choose your hotel wisely

If you try to book with one or two hotel chains on a regular basis, you’ll build up loyalty rewards, get to know what facilities to expect, and will be better placed to negotiate discounts on meeting rooms and airport transfers.

2. Have a bag on hand

You probably pack the same sorts of things over and over again – travel-size toiletries, insurance documents, spare chargers, a photocopy of your passport etc – so save yourself time and stress by storing these in a specific ‘work travel’ suitcase or carry-on. 

Bonus tip: try to get used to packing light. If you stick to just a carry-on you won’t need to wait to check in or collect luggage. It really is worth it.

3. Treat yourself to being early

If you have the discipline to get to the airport in plenty of time, you’ll not only avoid extra stress, you can spend more time in the airport lounge. If your ticket doesn’t get you automatic access, use the LoungeBuddy app to book one-off entry to some of the world’s major airport lounges. You deserve it for being organised.

4. Make your flight a chill-out zone

What with turbulence, rowdy passengers and awful plane food, flights can be unpleasant enough as it is, so  try not to bring any work to do on the plane – it’s not the right environment to do your best for the company anyway. You’ll feel much better if you try to sleep instead.

5. Look after yourself

It’s tempting to give in to fatty, processed on-the-go food on business trips but it will only make you feel worse, especially if you’re jet lagged. Drink lots of water (you need more fluids whilst travelling), eat as healthily as you can, and wash your hands as often as possible to avoid dreaded travel lurgies. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes.

6. Meditate

This ties in with tip 5, but it’s so effective it merits its own explanation. Short bursts of meditation not only help reduce stress, they increase positivity and also focus the mind, making you more alert and better at your job. If you’re daunted, try a popular app like Headspace, which is ideal for complete beginners and sceptics. 

7. Always be kind to staff

Don’t be that customer. Whether it’s on the plane or at your hotel, there’s no excuse to take your fatigue or frustrations out on staff. Besides, not only is it the right thing to do, it makes you more likely to be offered perks like upgrades and helpful tips.

8. Taxi hack

If there’s a huge queue for taxis at arrivals, have a look for taxis dropping off passengers at departures instead. It doesn’t always work but it’s worth a look.

9. Bring your work with you – all of it

Never again experience that sinking feeling that you’ve forgotten an important document – the LogMeIn app lets you access your computer remotely so you have access to everything you would at work.

10. Allow yourself some down-time

Yes, it’s often too difficult to squeeze in any fun on work trips, but make the effort to experience some culture (or even go for a walk to see the sights) if you can. It will open your mind and make all the travel worthwhile. 
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