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Why trains are better than planes

27 Jan 2017

For business men and women around the world, travelling to meetings up and down the country or to entirely different countries can be a dour affair. Taking a last-minute flight, over-priced, uncomfortable and severely lacking in in-flight entertainment - this is not fun.

So, here are our reasons to take the train rather than fly.

Eurostar security

Much like flights, the Eurostar takes security very seriously and as a result, your boarding can be delayed up to 60 minutes before departure, but, and here’s the good thing, you can take as many liquids and food stuffs as you like, within reason (one can only carry so many Toblerones). 


Much, much, much comfier - stretching your legs, roaming the aisles and generally relaxing, trains are the way forward. 

The View – OK, so depending on your destination, flights can garner the most incredible sights from 30,000 feet in the air, however, trains go over rivers, through tunnels and past the cutest little towns you’ve never heard of. 

Baggage Allowance 

Within reason, you can take considerably more luggage than an airline might allow, the only stipulation is space on-board, but if you get there early enough, that’s not such a problem.

Dining Car 

Somewhat more comfortable than a tray on the lap and a constricted arm rest, the Dining Carriage allows passengers to enjoy a variety of menu options and often, a delightfully nostalgic bar.  

Train Stations

Generally they can be found dead centre of the city and if you are lucky enough to live near a local railway track, chances are you can board your train and never make a change. 


Trains, well some, make chugging, choo-chooing, huffing and puffing noises. They rock side-to-side and once in a while you might bump into a fellow passenger. What they don’t have is a reaction with turbulence and a resulting need to bump you around like a roller-coaster. 


Sleeper cabins are available on a host of trains and can make your arrival considerably more comfortable than the cricked-neck of an aeroplane flight.

Trains take longer.Yep, sorry about that. If you’re in a hurry, fly, but if you have a couple of days spare in your holiday entitlement/a sick day here or there, or even are willingness to start your journey on your weekend, then trains can be a revelation in business. Think of the above benefits and look on it as a mini-break; a way to relax before your big business meeting and get some last minute work done when you have more than a minute. 


It’s unlikely that, however nicely you smile and kindly ask, that you’ll get to go into the Train Driver’s cabin, sorry.
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