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Boost your 2018 business trips

12 Jan 2018

Going abroad on business? Kick-start 2018 and plan the most productive trip yet with our business boosting tips.

Choose more efficient modes of travel

Plane, train and boat… these seem to be the most popular modes of transport around for business needs. What if we told you we had a better, more exciting way to get around? Why not try hot air ballooning around the country you’re visiting or taking a helicopter ride? there are lots of extraordinary modes of transport that could get you where you need to be quicker than the usual ones taken.

Check out some of the wackiest modes of transport from around the world.

Hot air balloon

Plan your travel destinations a year ahead

If you’ve planned exactly where and when you’ll be in a specific country, this will help you to make sure you do everything you need to and maximising your time there before moving on to another destination or going home.

Plan your business trips in advance

Choose your accommodation wisely

Whether you stay in a swanky hotel or choose a more humble Air BnB, make sure your accommodation has everything you need to make your stay as good as it can be.

Need some hotel inspiration? Check out Condé Nast Traveller’s 20 best business hotels in the world. WARNING: Some of them are very fancy!

Hotel room

Know where you’re going

Before you set off on your business trip, research the place you’re visiting to ensure you know exactly where everything is to make your stay as productive as possible. This way you can have a bit of me-time and visit some tourist attractions too!

Plan your trip before you go

Don’t forget your technology

Phones, laptops, tablets, speakers and more… your technology could be the most important aspect of your luggage for sending important messages, meeting new contacts, networking etc. so make sure you have everything before you go. Plus, don’t forget your chargers! Power banks are also a life-saver if you’re low on battery and miles from a phone charger.

Don't forget your technology

Write yourself a to-do list for your trip

Lists are the perfect way to make sure you know everything you need to do on your trip. Jot down exactly what you need to do and by when to make sure you get the most out of your meetings, visits and trips.

Write yourself a to-do list

And that’s it! The perfect combination of preparation and planning to make your business trips as productive as possible in 2018.

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