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Six top tips to prepare for your next business trip

31 May 2018

Preparing for your business trip properly is just as important as how you prepare for an important meeting or presentation! How you prepare, what you remember to do and when you do it could have an effect on the effectiveness and productivity of your trip.

Keep your travel documents together

UK Passport

No one likes a last minute dash trying to find passports, visas and any other documents you may need for your trip such a preparation notes. Keep them all together in a zip lock bag so you don’t have to worry about losing them. This includes getting any foreign currency in plenty of time and keeping it all together so you don’t forget it!

Always make sure you have good travel insurance


We advise making sure everything is protected with travel insurance when you go away on business. This includes flight cancellations, technology, luggage and everything else. No one wants to have to replace a work laptop.

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Everyone needs Wi-Fi


If you’re planning business meetings, updating minutes, creating plans or whatever else you’ve got to do while you’re travelling, definitely stay somewhere with a good Wi-Fi connection. As much as internet cafés can be a blessing, we highly doubt they’ll be open at 4am when you wake up with a sudden great idea you have to email back to the office!

There’s no need to pack the kitchen sink

Suitcases in a pile

There’s probably a fair few things you need to take with you on your business trip, but try not to over pack. This could complicate finding what you need and just leaves you with extra weight to carry around.

Make some time for yourself

Man standing on mountain

Leave some time to explore the local area and be a tourist. Everyone needs and deserves a break from work and this is the perfect time to experience somewhere new, enjoy delicious food and kick back, relax and take your mind off every day stresses.

Stay hydrated and healthy

Healthy food

Staying awake, alert and in a good mood is key to business meeting success (but you already know this). Perform your best by staying healthy and hydrated on the lead up to and during your trip.

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