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Why should you open an International Payments account?

01 Mar 2018

Whether you’ve got an overseas mortgage to pay, are making large or regular payments abroad or just want a safe way to transfer your money, you need one of our International Payments accounts!

To avoid bank charges

It’s a fact – no one likes to pay for their own money, and we won’t make you. Our commission free service helps you avoid those pesky bank charges and transfer your money abroad as easily and cheaply as possible.


You’re an international student

We get it, no student particularly wants to fuss about tuition fees; university can be stressful enough. Pay your tuition fees quickly, simply and easily with an International Payments account, meaning you’ve got more time to spend at the Student Union. Result!


You’re emigrating

So, you’ve finally had enough of the British weather? Can’t say we blame you. Don’t let the stress of paying your international mortgage or regular payments put you off moving abroad. We can help you without any hiccups or stress.

You import/export goods

Our corporate accounts are perfect for any large or regular business payments. We’ll help you send money to 194 countries and will even act as an intermediary when switching currency between your internal accounts. We can guarantee your treasury department will thank you for it!


You have a foreign bank account

Whether you need to transfer money to cover your outgoings or are living abroad and want to send your loved ones some cash, cover the costs you need in your foreign bank account easily and quickly with us.


You have international standing orders

With an International Payments account, all you need to do is instruct your bank to which standing orders you need and we’ll convert the funds at the best rate possible. Done.


It’s convenient

So, we may be a little biased about this one, but our International Payments service is SO convenient. We’ll work around your particular needs and do our best to make sure your International Payments go as smoothly as possible.

We aren’t the only ones who think we’re great *wink emoji*, check our loads of great reviews here.


We’ll give you the best rates possible

Well, this one is obvious, but our team will help you every step of the way, starting with getting you the best exchange rates we can get!


You can transfer money in branch and online

Manage your International Payments account in branch and online… whichever is more convenient for you.

We can lock your exchange rate

Whatever you’re transferring, pay 10% of the amount and we can lock in an exchange rate for 12 months! You. Are. Welcome.

So, what are you waiting for?

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