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Meet Tiggeuro

20 Jun 2017

Hello everybody, I'm Tiggeuro, the eurochange mascot. I was born in Bengal, India and am the lone blue tiger to a family of orange and black cubs. Find out more about me...

Born: Bengal, India. The lone blue tiger to a family of orange and black cubs. The Bengal tiger is named after the Indian province of Bengal and is primarily found in India. 

Age: 2 years old, but in Tiger years that’s nearly 20.

Favourite Food: I'm a vegetarian…but like chocolate best of all.

Favourite colour: Blue and orange – obviously!

Hobbies: Travel, football, dancing, swimming, running and jumping – I love the water, despite being a cat.

Height: 11 feet tall, when standing upright.

General: I love a belly rub and am ticklish on the underside of my paws. Sneeze when I'm nervous, purrs when I'm happy. I speak lots of different languages, but they all sound like growling unless you understand Tiger talk! I also enjoy rolling around in sand and playing with balloons.

Tiggeuro's Story

Once upon a time, in a jungle far, far away, in Bengal, India to be exact, there lived a tiger. 

His name was Tiggeuro and he was different to his many brothers and sisters. He was much more adventurous, enjoying to climb and swim and even to dance. And there was one more thing…Tiggeuro was blue. 

He didn’t start-out blue. When he was born, he was the same orangey/yellowy colour as all the other tiger cubs in his family, but as he grew-up, his fur began change colour.
First his feet began to darken and then his fur, then his ears and his face; finally his tail, ring by ring, with only his stripes remaining their original colour. 

But Tiggeuro didn’t mind being different. In fact, he was really happy. That’s just the kind of tiger he was. He played with his brother and sisters and all the other animals in the jungle. But for some reason, he didn’t feel completely happy. He longed to travel…and travel is what he did.
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