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Tiggeuro’s top places to travel – Canada

18 Jun 2018


Ah Canada… home of the maple syrup, ice hockey and stunning landscapes. But what else does Canada have to offer that makes it such a popular holiday destination? Well wonder no more…

CN Tower – Ontario (Toronto)

CN Tower, Ontario

The CN Tower in Toronto, Ontario is one of the most famous Canadian icons. From getting a 360° view of the city to taking part in an Edge Walk, slowly abseiling off the edge of the building in a thrill seekers paradise.

Lake Superior – Ontario

Lake Superior, Ontario

Lake Superior, the largest of the great lakes and also the largest mass of water on the planet, stretches from Michigan, USA right up to Ontario, Canada. It is home to over 75 species of fish, reaches a whopping 405m deep and even has its own tide! If you’re visiting Ontario, definitely stop by and cast your eyes on the world’s greatest lake!

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Banff National Park – Alberta

Banff National Park, Alberta

Set in the heart of the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is a vast 6,641sq metre expanse of parkland, snow-capped peaks and wildlife. Home to a haven of wildlife including the Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Wolves, Foxes, Mountain Goats, Moose, Elk and much more, Banff National Park is THE place to spot wildlife and immerse yourself in a world of nature.

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See the Northern Lights – Yukon

Northern Lights, Yukon

You can see the Northern Lights from various parts of Northern Canada, but Yukon could possibly be the best. When the skies are clear, watch the sky dance with colour and mesmerising patterns.

Old Quebec – Quebec

Old Quebec, Quebec

Old Quebec is a historic city in Quebec Canada. Founded in the 17th Century by French explorer Champlain, it is the only Northern American city to have preserved its gates, defensive works, ramparts and bastions!

Fort William – Ontario

Fort William, Ontario

Officially formed in 1784, Fort William was a centre of commerce for Ontario, Canada in the 1800s. It was predominantly known for its fur trade and would export it around the North Americas and all over Canada.

In the 1960s, the fort was recognised for its significance in the country’s history and Fort William was reconstructed into what it is today, a direct branch of Canada’s Ministry of Tourism and a visitor experience teaching about the workings of the fort in historic times.

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Athabasca Glacier – Alberta

Athabasca Glacier, Alberta

Get on board an all-terrain Ice Explorer and discover the beauty of the Athabasca Glacier, a 6km² river of ice formed circa 238,000 – 126,000BC during the Great Glaciation.

Day time and evening experiences on the glacier are available and deals are available for all sessions.

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Drumheller Alberta – Alberta

Drumheller Alberta, Alberta

Known as the dinosaur capital of the world, Drumheller is packed with museums, attractions, mines, parks and so many places of interest for all. Plus, they have the largest model of a T-Rex in the world with a large viewing platform to look out over the city, and let’s be honest… Who doesn’t want to try that?!

Rainbow Falls – Ontario

Rainbow Falls, Ontario


Watch cascading waterfalls plunge into pools beneath them, surrounded by stunning rainbow colours. This phenomenon is caused by the sunlight and gives the illusion of a rainbow surrounding the water.

To make your visit extra special, camp overnight in specified pitches, with or without electricity if you want to really go wild.

This experience is really not to be missed!

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Sleeping Giant – Ontario

Sleeping Giant, Ontario

Yet another National Park, Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is famous for its large natural formation known as ‘Sleeping Giant’ or Sibley Peninsula. A natural rock formation which gets its name ‘The Sleeping Giant’ as it resembles a Sleeping Giant when viewed from north-northwest Thunder Bay, Ontario.

Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is also known for offering breath-taking views of Lake Superior, over 100km of hiking trails and being home to a vast array of wildlife.

Many legends also surround the formation, which can be found here.

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