8 New Year’s resolutions we could definitely get on board with

14 Jan 2019

It’s two weeks into 2019 and be honest with us, how many of you have already broken your resolutions?

Ditch the same old resolutions and take a look at our eight that are far more exciting and a lot easier to stick to.

Make a new friend every month

Girls with hands in the air

This one can work whether you’re at home OR if you’re travelling. Put yourself out there, go up to people and make new friends. If you’re abroad, these could be friends you keep forever and go and stay with from time to time. Hello cheap holidays!

Try new foods


Are you one of those people who stick to the same diet even when you’re abroad? Push the boat out, try something new and tease your taste buds with something delicious the next time you’re travelling.

Push yourself out of your comfort zone

Person stood on rock by waterfall

Are you a creature of habit, do you like to play things safe and not push yourself out of your comfort zone? Well make 2019 the year that stops! Go on that solo travel adventure, take that trip and make sure you do exactly what you want to this year.

Have your photo taken in 5 different places around the world

Man taking selfie

Everyone loves a selfie, right? Right! Selfies (and other photos for all of you selfie haters out there) are a great way to look back and remember all of the exciting things you did on your travels. So whatever you get up to, wherever you go, get snappy and stay happy in front of the lens.

Put the phone down


Apart from taking photos, your phone can take you away from your surroundings and make you focus on a virtual reality instead of a real one. So put it down, turn it off, whatever you need to do to take in the sights and enjoy the moments you’re in.

Learn a language

Spanish graffiti on a wall

If you’re a frequent traveller you’ve probably picked up a few basic words and phrases on your way around the world. Why not make this year the year you learn another language fluently and really challenge yourself to have conversations with people in this new language. You can do it!

Save money

euros in person's hands

Ok, so this one is obvious, and very popular. Who doesn’t want to save money in every aspect of their life? Now, we may not be able to save you money in everything, but we can certainly help you get more for your money when it comes to foreign currency!

Take care of yourself

Woman doing yoga on mountain

Whether you need some you-time, want to take up yoga to stay relaxed or think a solo-travel adventure is just what you need to take some time out and look after yourself, DO IT! Make time for some self-care and really relax into 2019.

Planning your 2019 travels already?

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