St Patrick’s Day Traditions from Around the World

28 Feb 2019


Don't turn green with envy at everyone else's St Patrick's Day plans...
Check out our top places to celebrate Ireland's popular national holiday and get planning!


St Patrick's Day in DublinPhoto by Ireland Today

St Patrick's Day in Dublin Photo by Trinity Bar Venue

Ireland, the home of Saint Patrick himself is known for their extravagant and exciting traditions on the big day. From parades through Dublin to buildings lit up green, dressing up, drinking Guinness until you go cross-eyed (although we’re sure this is standard behaviour ;) ) and an amass of other activities for children, adults and families, Ireland is THE PLACE to be for St Patrick’s Day.


Take a trip to Temple Bar for a proper Guinness, get ready to see the parade march through the streets, watch as buildings go green with St Patrick’s cheer, listen to traditional Irish music and folk tales and watch theatre shows for the whole family!


There’s so much more to enjoy too! Find out everything you can do to celebrate St Patrick’s Day in Dublin here.

Tourist tip…

Lots of people in other places have been known to wear ‘Kiss Me I’m Irish’ clothing and headbands. We don’t recommend doing this in Ireland, simply because EVERYONE there will be Irish and unfortunately being 1/8th Irish doesn’t make you the same…

London, England

St Patrick's Day in London
Photo by The Irish Times

Head to Trafalgar Square if you’re in London on St Patrick’s Day and watch a magnificent parade, try traditional Irish food and drink, listen to Irish music and much more.


Live music blasts from the main stage as a huge crowd of people dance, jig and sing their hearts out! Guinness flows, leprechaun costumes are seen absolutely everywhere and the square is a hive of excitement and fun.


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Arkansas, USA

St Patrick's Day in Arkansas, USA Photo by ABC1 Arizona

Arkansas is known to host a St Patrick’s Day parade on the 98ft long Bridge Street. People dress up, dance and celebrate Ireland’s national day in style with floats, costumes and much more.


Fun fact

Bridge Street was named the shortest street in the world at Ripley’s Believe It Or Not Museum!


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Wisconsin, USA

St Patrick's Day in Wisconsin, USA Photo by Everfest

Wisconsin go to town on St Patrick’s Day!


Members of the Shamrock Club dress up as leprechauns and change highway signs so the town’s name reads New Dublin, and this has been known to draw in crowds of up to 30,000 people! Festivities include bagpipe players, a Finnegan's Wake that involves a green hearse and Celtic bands playing traditional Irish tunes. Sounds great to us!


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Chicago, USA

St Patrick's Day in Chicago, USA Photo by Pixabay

For more than 40 years the Chicago River has been dyed green on St Patrick’s Day. After the river is colored by an eco-friendly green vegetable dye, it can take several days for the green to dissipate and for the river to go back to its original colour.


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Nebraska, USA

St Patrick's Day in Nebraska

Photo by City of Nebraska Online


Citizens of Nebraska, USA paint a giant Shamrock on the ground and plan a whole day of traditional Irish activities. Irish dancers jig their way through Irish tracks, and other musical and artistic acts put on a show for locals and visitors to the American state.


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St Patrick's Day in Monserrat

Photo by Repeating Islands


St Patrick’s Day is a national holiday in Monserrat. The Caribbean island has both rich Irish and African heritage, and 17th March also marks the anniversary of a slave uprising in 1768 which adds to the festivities. The annual events include masked street dancers, a tradition that blends African and European cultural elements and much more!


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Brisbane, Australia

St Patrick's Day in Brisbane

Photo by Lexis Brisbane Blog

The Queensland Irish Association celebrates Australia’s migrant and convict history on St Patrick’s Day. Australians dress up as all kinds of people who were sent to build their nation, including widows and orphans, miners, teachers and everyone in between! There’s also a parade and other activities from both cultures to create a diverse day for everyone.

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St Patrick's Day in Wales

Photo by Wales Online

In Banwen, Wales, a history club insists that St. Patrick was in fact Welsh. These historians say that at 16, St Patrick was apparently kidnapped and sold into slavery in Ireland. On 17th March each year, the organisation stages a parade that leads to a stone commemorating where the patron saint of Ireland was allegedly born… in Wales.


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New York, USA

St Patrick's Day in New York, USAPhoto by YouTube


New York have a tradition that’s a little different. They put on the obvious parade, traditional music and food and drink, but also have a game revolving around pinching each other!


If you’re not wearing green, apparently that gives everyone (people you know and strangers) the right to pinch you… Yeah, we don’t get it either.


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Buenos Aires, Argentina

St Patrick's Day in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Photo by Buenos Aires Online


Buenos Aires know how to do St Patrick’s Day! They have the traditional parade through the streets of the Argentine capital, followed by hurling, dance performances, a pub crawl through Irish Pubs, live music and more. Count us in!


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