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Pi-zza pizza anyone? It's National Pizza Day!

09 Feb 2018

Whether you’re a Margherita person, prefer a pepperoni or go all out with a Hawaiian (I know, we don’t agree either), National Pizza Day is here.

We’ve compiled some of the strangest pizza toppings from around the world that sound so odd, they could just work! And don’t worry; we’ll take full responsibility when you’re day dreaming about your next delicious pizza fix.

Sorry not sorry.


Sushi Pizza

On its own, sushi is one of the most popular dishes from around the world. But on a pizza?! We’re not sure. We’ll leave that one to you guys to try.

Sushi Pizza

Photo by Blogilates


Deep Fried Pizza

Only in Scotland would you find a deep-fried pizza, and we don’t think it sounds too bad! Probably wouldn’t eat too many of them if you’d like to keep a low cholesterol though.

Deep Fried Pizza

Photo by Diethood


Banana Curry Pizza

Curry on a pizza could potentially work… but BANANA?! This is even worse than pineapple on a Hawaiian. Nope.

Banana Curry Pizza

Photo by HostelBookers

Costa Rica

Coconut and Shrimp

Fish on a pizza is becoming a favourite; but we’re divided on the addition of the coconut. What do you think? 

Coconut Shrimp Pizza

Photo by TripHobo


Crocodile Pizza

From what we’ve heard, crocodile is supposed to taste like chicken (like everything else out there), so this pizza may not be bad after all.

Crocodile Pizza

Photo by MitzieMee

The jury is out! Have you tried any of these pizzas or another strange topping? Let us know in the comments or tell us on social media! 

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