6 most underrated beaches in the US, South America and Europe

01 Mar 2019

Guest blog post by One Day Itinerary.

Are you tired of fighting your way through a sea of people just to find a decent spot on the beach? Would you like to enjoy some peace and quiet when on your holiday? Then keep reading!  We've found some of the most underrated beach destinations across the world, the best under the radar beach spots you can find and locations that will spark the fire in you once again to travel. Sounds good, right? Well, let's get started then. Read on!

United States

Bolinas Beach, California

Bolinas Beach, California, USA
Photo by Skyscanner

You wouldn't think that quiet beaches are possible to find on the Pacific coast of the United States would you? Well, they are! Bolinas Beach, often also called Brighton Beach, is everything you want for a day in the sun and more. Located in the town of Bolinas, about 15 miles northwest of San Francisco, this pristine sandy beach is excellent for those of you who want to take up surfing, take pets along with you for a day out or to just relax. The town itself has little over 1500 people, so you will be able to enjoy it fully even if you're only there for one day. But Bolinas Beach is not the only choice you have – you can also walk to the nearby Agate Beach!


The town is located just across from Stinson Beach. Follow Highway 1 along Bolinas Lagoon, turn left at the top of the bay and then go in the opposite direction to reach the tip of this small peninsula. No doubt, these are some of the best unknown beaches in the US.

Carova Beach, North Carolina

Carova Beach, North Carolina, USA
Photo by VRBO.com

On to the East Coast now... to North Carolina to be precise. This state may not have been your first choice to look for the best secluded beaches in the US, but Carova Beach will show you how wrong you were.


Located just east of Knotts Island, it is the final piece of land in the state before the Atlantic Ocean, but if you want to feel completely removed from the world, there's no better place than this. It is only accessible by off-road vehicles or boats, plus there are no hotels, only a few houses, which are available to rent. To top it off, there is a chance you will encounter wild mustang horses here, since they are completely free to roam. Just imagine, you're on a beautiful sandy beach and one of these magnificent creatures appears. Incredible, right?


As mentioned, the place is just off Knotts Island, so you will have to take the ferry right to the very end and then travel the sand ramp to get to the beach.


ONLY FOUR-WHEEL DRIVE vehicles can make the last leg of this journey, however boats are also an option as there is a ramp available to use.

South America

Morere Beach, Brazil

Morere Beach, Brazil
Photo by Fiveprime

Our next destination is South America. Who hasn't heard of Copacabana and its parties? But for a If you're after a quiet beach destination, you'll want to head to Ilha de Boipeba and its Morere Beach, located on the island's eastern coast. It is an unspoiled piece of land with wonderful sand and corals which are absolutely perfect for snorkeling or even scuba diving. It is actually quite far from civilization and even Brazillian locals don't seem to visit much, so if you're looking for an under-the-radar beach location, you can't do much better than this. You will also be surrounded by rainforest, and the place offers serenity and plenty of place for enjoyment and contemplation.


From the paragraph above, you can conclude that Morere Beach is not that easy to reach. It is located south from the city of Salvador, and the trip is about 150 kilometres long. Still, even if it turns out to be an effort for you, the prize will more than make up for it.

San Andrés Island, Colombia

San Andres Island, Colombia
Photo by Trip101

The other place very much worthy of a visit on this continent is San Andrés Island, which is actually in the Caribbean Sea but belongs to Colombia. It is definitely one of the most secret beach spots because it can only be accessed by plane. This coral island offers a unique blend of pristine sea and intriguing culture because it is inhabited by Jamaicans and Colombians. You have several beaches to choose from here, plus you can easily hire a boat to take you to the nearby Johnny Cay island. White sand, great snorkeling places, excellent food, corals and an abundance of marine life... This is truly a tropical paradise!


As for getting here, plane is your only option, but the good news is that most Colombian cities offer a flight there. The price of your tickets may depend on the season, and sometimes you can get some pretty excellent deals, from as little as 55 dollars per person (one way).


Zlatni Rat, Croatia

Zlatni Rat Beach, Croatia
Photo by Bluesun Hotel Elaphusa

Finally, we come to Europe. Obviously, there are countless places you can visit in the Mediterranean, but Zlatni Rat is something special. Located just outside the town of Bol on the island of Brač, Croatia, it offers just the right amount of seclusion from all things hectic, while the nearby town provides everything you need for a very pleasant stay. It is a gravel beach that actually changes its shape depending on the tides and the wind and is probably one of the most underrated beaches in the whole of Europe. There will be tourists here, but definitely not as many as you'd expect considering how beautiful the place is. 


Getting here means travelling through Split, the second largest city in Croatia. From there you can either board a catamaran directly to Bol or get a ferry which takes you to the island (but on the opposite side to the beach). Ferries do not go to Bol, so if you have a car with you, you'll have to drive for about 25 minutes until you reach Zlatni Rat beach.

Porto Santo, Portugal

Porto Santo, Portugal
Photo by European Best Destinations

How does soaking up the sun in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean sound? For that, head to Portugal, but not to the country's mainland. The region of Madeira consists of four islands way off the coast, west of Morocco. Porto Santo is the best place for those who want golden sandy beaches that stretch for miles. Not only that, but they also have healing properties (the mineral content in the sand has been known to help with rheumatism and other bone issues). Add to that the crystal clear sea, the blue sky and the warm sun and you have the perfect getaway location just begging to be discovered.   


Given the location of the place, the best and most convenient way to get to these islands is by air. You can catch regular flights to Porto Santo from Lisbon and Porto, but there is another airport here (Santa Cruz). The flight lasts less than two hours from Lisbon, and you will have plenty of options when it comes to tickets, although keep in mind that the season may influence the price.

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