Top Ten Travel Hacks for 2017

12 Dec 2016

Here’s eurochange’s top ten travel hacks for 2017 to get you through the flight and holiday unscathed, and with some currency leftover when you return.

headphones and ipod

1. Remember to take your own headphones/earbuds with you.

It’s better than paying for cheap, audibly inferior tech that might ruin your in-flight media experience.

2. Packing within packing.

Many of you have that two-piece set of luggage. If you’re heading-off with less, you WILL come back with more. Place the smaller of the two bags inside the other. Fill with essentials and head out. Saves you buying another suitcase when abroad and you probably have the baggage allowance for two bags – use it!

3. Buy your food in supermarkets when you’re away.

Avoid restaurants and cafes near monuments and major sights. They’re substantially more expensive than they should be. Besides, a make-shift picnic near the Coliseum or the Acropolis, tell us that isn’t a memory for life. 

4. Be sure your credit card company knows you’re off on holiday.

You don’t need them freezing your account while you’re 1,000 miles from home and waiting to pay the bill in a romantic restaurant, post-proposal…it’s possible, it could happen…

TV Green

5. Forgotten your mobile phone charger?

Not to worry. All new TVs have USB slots. They can charge your devices too. It’s all about thinking-outside-the-box. Or in this case, about the box.

6. Don’t underestimate a deodorant stick or a bar of soap.

You’re likely heading somewhere warm and there’s every chance that you won’t have regular access to clean those sweaty garments. It’s OK to leave soap or deodorant sticks open and inside the smelly clothes. It’s not a fix though, chaps, it’s a temporary measure.

7. Either print-out in advance or have the boarding pass saved to your phone.

Do NOT arrive without your details or you will be shuffled-off into another queue and have to pay for a print-out, then re-queue in the check-in line, which invariably will be three times longer and you’ll be at the back. Add convenience to your trip, not stress.


8. Travel socks.

We can’t emphasize this enough. They help to avoid blood clotting, keep your tootsies warm and every now and then, they can even be stylish – but not often. Some of you sit down, close your eyes and sleep the flight away. Lucky you, but don’t forget that circulation is very important and if you’re not looking to spend the flight walking up and down the aisles, avoiding watching other people’s movies, flight socks might be the way forward.

9. Packing booze.

You’re on holiday, you’re decided to splurge on something special from your wine tour of Portugal and you now have to get said bottles home. Shoes and socks! The base in one shoe, the neck in the other, pack with socks, place in a sealed back and pack into your suitcase with about 90% certainty that it’ll arrive intact. Fingers crossed.

10. Take a copy of your passport, tickets and insurance prior to travelling.

You can forget whatever you like, but peace of mind is the one thing that is essential prior to and throughout your travels. 

11. Bonus tip.

Get your money exchanged prior to arrival at the airport. No Fees and much, much better rates! We could ever help you in this area ;-)
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