The Top Ten Free Travel Apps for 2017

14 Dec 2016

We've scoured the internet and we're pretty sure that these ten apps are THE TEN APPS for you and your travel needs in 2017.
Google Translate

Google Translate

Google Translate (GT) is the forerunner in all mobile, language translation apps and has long been and continues to be a staple app for travellers, unable or unwilling to learn a foreign language prior to their journeys. With 103 languages available and now fully functional ‘offline’, GT allows travellers the world over to muddle their way through a meeting and attempt the occasional greeting. Other ‘real-time’ devices are coming to the market soon and will allow for people to speak and have near-instant translation directly into their ears. In the meantime, GT is here to help.



Self-proclaimed as the “…world’s most popular postcard-sending service”, Touchnote is exactly what it seems. Take a photo, choose a card and press send. Your image and text is added to the postcard and delivered to your designated recipient within days. Gone are the times when you would buy a post-card from a rotating stand, add the postage and hope it arrived back home before you did. 

First Aid

First Aid

There are numerous first aid and healthcare apps available, but we’ve chosen to go with the British Red Cross – First Aid app. Videos, quizzes and step-by-step instructions mean that if you’re in need of advice, you have it at your beck and call. There’s also an emergency panic button with instructions on what to do as and when you might need them.


Skype or a similar Voip app

Internet phone calls have been around for some time now, but if you were to look back, you’d realise that it was Skype that revolutionised the industry. All you need is an internet connection and you can talk for free with your friends and family across the country and around the world. You can text, call or even video-chat (if your signal is strong enough) and if you’ll travelling, you can’t tell us that saving on those pricy phone cards isn’t a bonus.



Access your travel details at a moment’s notice. Sync your details/contacts with your calendar. Email a link of your itinerary to a colleague or friend. Track rewards points. Find better seats.  Enjoy ‘real-time’ alerts, telling you about changes to your connecting flights as soon as you’re off the plane. Stress free travel – that’d be nice. 

airbnb 2


So, Airbnb. You know what it is, right? No? Check out our blog post for a few interesting facts. This app is so convenient. Enter where you want to stay (country/city), how much you want to pay and when you want it. Done! You’d be amazed at the places you can stay other than the chain hotels you usually end-up in.  


Life 360

This app is essentially a check-in device for families and friends. No longer will you find yourself texting and calling just to ask the same question “Are you there safely?” Now, an app does it all for you. You create a group – accessible only to them and through the app they can know you’re where you need to be. There’s even an emergency button, should you need it. 


Uber or Lyft

Whichever firm you choose, the rideshare app is here to stay. Taxi driver’s the world over are trading-in their rooftop lights and jumping in their own beasts of burden to collect customers and deliver them to their destinations of choice. Download, enter the collection address and destination, then go. You can even choose the level of service you require, from Uberpool (Cheap, Shared) to Uberlux (Luxury and Stylish). 



What’s the difference between Whatsapp and Skype? Not much to be honest, but it’s worth having a back-up in case one crashes. Whatsapp is a mobile app that many use primarily to share content – photos and videos. Like Skype, there’s a huge level of security and convenience involved and it’s internet based – so a good WiFi signal will save you money. 



For many of us, the idea of spending hours waiting in the airport for a flight is less than appealing. But what if you could spend that time in comfort, no - luxury? Well, Loungebuddy is here to help. First Class is the mecca for travellers. A delight from start to finish and for those of us stuck, with no leg room in economy seats, a dream. Well, no more. With prices starting at $25, you too can experience the comfort of luxury airport lounges, their WiFi, their showers and yes, their free drinks. 

So now that you’ve discovered out top ten travel apps for 2017, look out for our very own eurochange app…coming to a device near you soon.
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