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Renting Scooters Abroad

21 Dec 2016

For many of us, holidays are a time to relax, sit-back, soak-up the sun and avail ourselves of a cocktail or two. That’s the plan for most, but every now and then, the idea of exploring the local area might appeal.

On the bus ride from the airport, if you’re lucky enough to arrive in the daytime, you can see all manner of beautiful things and random, out-of-the-way restaurants that you’d love to visit. The problem is, you likely don’t know the name of it, remember where it is or, when you arrive at your hotel, have the means to get there – shy of an expensive taxi-ride. That’s where a scooter comes-in. 

Scooter Hire and the Dangers

Many holiday destinations and often hotels themselves have a scooter hire facility. Generally, we’d advise going through the hotel itself, as chances are you’ll get a discount and for the convenience of hiring- onsite. But, if you decide to go a little further afield, don’t forget that there are a few key things to bear-in-mind.

If you are renting a moped/scooter abroad (for these purposes we’re referring to Spain), don’t forget your passport and driver’s licence. Some rental agents might be a little lax in their approach to rental requirement and while as a teen abroad this might sound like fun, it’s really not worth the risk. Disreputable hirers are likely to provide you with sub-standard machines. The last thing you want is to be having a fun holiday, only to have a not-so-fun accident. Of course, nothing is guaranteed with motorcycles or cars, but renting from a reliable institution, such as Hertz, Enterprise or your hotel itself, you are safe, at least in the knowledge that through all that paperwork, you’re good to go and they will support you should you have an accident. 

Travel insurance. Many policies don’t cover vehicular mishaps. It’s worth your while thinking prior to your trip just what you are insured for. Likewise, your medical expenses and coverage could come into play here. 


OK, now we’re past all the worry, let’s think about the fun. Renting a Moped or Scooter (49cc/125cc) you can get so much more from your holiday. 49cc (30mph max) Mopeds can be hired by 16 year-olds and upwards, they’ll need a valid Moped licence or driver’s licence though. 125cc (70mph) is for licenced Motorbike or car drivers with over 3 years history. 

Travelling up and down the coast, you can stop at cure cafes, fruit stands and beeches that only the locals know about – those hidden by a treeline and revealing a glorious coastline. 

A few tips, prior to heading off in search of the Spanish Nirvana;

Check your trust steed. Are the wheels pumped? Does the engine turn-over easily? What’s the petrol gauge at? Where is the nearest petrol station?

Remember which side of the road you should be on. It’s usually easy – the other motorists with be travelling on that side too. But every now and again you might find yourself on the rural roads, quiet and seemingly safe. Be aware at all times. 

Make use of the hotel’s WiFi. Even if it isn’t free, downloading a map of the region before ‘scooting-off’ can save you hours in faulty directions and euros in International Roaming Charges. 

Also, there are scooter tips/guides available in app form all over the internet. A few hints might come-in handy to the novice rider.

Take a backpack and fill it with your necessaries. You don’t want to breakdown, be stranded and find yourself without water and sun cream - plan for eventualities. 

Now you’re ready to ride! Take to the roads and discover the hidden country.

PS. Pop by a eurochange branch before you go…we’d like to help you get more for your money
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