Review your last holiday before your next one

30 Dec 2016

Holidays are something we all look forward to, and we often start planning right after the last one. With that in mind, it’s often time to look-back and review how your last holiday went. Here’s our check-list of where you went wrong and how you can go right.

Choosing your destination

Deciding where to go is often a struggle, more often than not, between you and your significant other. A good way to avoid hurtful fights even before you hit the road is to look at where you’ve been before (individually and together) and choose the location closest to both your wants. If it was his turn to choose last time, this time you’re-up! 

lake storm


Is it cool when you want it to be cold, maybe it’s hot when you’re just after a little warmth? Make sure you check and double check what the weather will be like where you’re going. Tsunami season, droughts and floods, all of these elements are worth considering and but for a brief web search you can save yourselves at least two weeks’ worth of frustration. 


Travel/Health insurance is worthwhile, it’s not expensive and it can be the difference between “free” healthcare and paying private costs. Remember, if you’re visiting the United States of America and you fall ill or injure yourself, there’s no NHS to save you and that whopping great bill is a souvenir you could do without. 

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Travel Money

Get it before you fly! Airport Bureau de change charge commission and give the worst rates possible. Why? because, like any other last-minute shop or service, they can. Visit a high-street currency exchange before you head-off on your hols, spend a little time looking for the right price and if you don’t have that time, there’s always home delivery.

Packing your bags

Did you take the world, only to bring back another? A great tip for packing is to take two suitcases. One smaller and empty; pack it within the larger one and put your clothes in that one. This way you limit what you take and have a secondary bag to fill before you return. Just check your baggage allowance at on your ticket before you fly.

Print or Download your documents

Remember, because last time you probably forgot, print your tickets and insurance documents days in advance, copy them and keep them safe between you and your partner. Download them too. Better to have more than you need than less than you require. The worst part, shy of paying for ticket printing at the airport, is having to change queues and then re-queue again. The line is always bigger and the need for a pre-flight drink only grows. 

airport 2

Getting to the Airport on time

Plan, plan and plan again. Contingency plans are key. If you’re travelling in the bleak mid-winter any number of issues could abound, not least rail cancellations and black ice on the road. Make sure you are ready to go early. Check your route to the airport, listen to the radio travel reports, click on a few train sites and even know when your local coach station is heading to your airport. 

Paying for an unsuspected train-ride or a bus ticket may not be the perfect start to your holiday, but at least it’s a start.

Trying to save money where you can

Take or keep an empty bottle through the security lines. You can re-fill on the other side at the water fountain.

There – we just saved you £3 towards a pair of maracas for your niece or a straw donkey for your nephew.
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