How to Pop the Big Question to your Loved One

15 Feb 2017

Ever since cave man said to cave woman – “ug ug Ugy me”, proposals have taken place.

And ever since that fateful day, thinking up the perfect way of popping the big question has been a challenge. Recent proposal locations that have been reported in the press include Olympic podiums and right in front of Celine Dion. Now, we know few are you are Olympic athletes and even fewer (we joke) are Celine Dion fans, so in an attempt to ease the strain on romantic souls the world over, here are our top ten places to pop the question…in our opinion and in no particular order.

Where you First Met

Some of you will be lucky and have met in the local pub. A few Shandy’s and a Babycham later, you were dating. If that’s the case, taking your partner back to where the romance all started should be a fairly painless and friendly-on-the-pocket experience, maybe splashing out on at least a few glasses of house Prosecco and a candle in the corner. Of course, not all are so lucky – maybe you encountered your one true love on holiday and therein lays the financial rub. Thankfully EasyJet and Ryanair are there to help as are, dare we say it (here comes the plug) eurochange – for all your travel money needs.

Try Somewhere New

You don’t have to stick to the established norm. Have a look at the map, analyse your intendeds’ Facebook profile to find out where they have and haven’t been before, then book-it!
If you haven’t been to the Capitals of Love (Venice and Paris) then we’d highly recommend one of these.

The Key is the Surprise

If you’re thinking that it’s the time to pop the question, then chances are your partner’s been thinking you should have asked for a while now!
Surprise them, if possible contact their boss and arrange the holiday days to fit and then, before you know it…BAAM! You’re engaged…maybe.

Birthday Surprise

This is a particularly bold approach and not for the misguided or light-hearted. It takes time, effort and a variety of miss-matched friends and relatives to keep quiet in the weeks leading up to the big day. Remember, this can go horribly wrong and signal the end of your relationship. If you choose to propose, in front of all and sundry and she/he either not ready or horrified, that’s it. 

A Quiet Day Out

Not everything has to cost. Picture the scene, it’s a sunny Sunday, there’s nothing on telly and you’re both bored. 

“Let’s go for a drive, shall we?” you ask.
“Yes, by jove, I’d love to” or something less ridiculous they say.
You’ve had the ring in a safe place for a while now and today’s the day. You’ve already packed the car with a picnic hamper, the Champagne flutes are still intact and the bubbly is chilled in the fridge (you hid it behind the yogurt and cheese last night and they didn’t notice).

You head-off to the countryside, park just off the winding road and blanket in hand, you both wander up a farmer’s field and sit-down under a tree, waving in the wind. 

You pop the bubbly, reach into your pocket, take a one knee stance and…well, then it’s all up to you, we can’t do it all for you.


as long as the answer’s yes, it doesn’t matter where and when you ask.

Best of luck!
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