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The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

22 Feb 2017

Is there a best way to go to sleep while flying? That is the question travellers across the globe have been asking for generations. Well, eurochange is here to tell you…

If you can, buy yourself a plush seat

Not an option available to most, but the bigger and plushier your chair, the better your chances of relaxing and drifting-off to never-never land. 

Wear something comfortable

For anything longer than a couple of hours, you’re going to want to steal a nap and the best way to do that is to be dressed for the occasion. Baggy clothes, tracksuits, loose fitting items – all allow you to find the comfiest position possible.

Find the best position for you

Some of you sleep curled-up, others spread-out, some like their arms up over their heads, others hug themselves to sleep; whatever your chosen locus, likely as not, you’ll not have that luxury on your flight. A bit of advice? Try a few as soon as you board. Figure-out which position makes you ready for when the Sandman comes and you’ll minimise annoying the person either side of you.


Pillow me

The airline usually provides a single-person pillow. They’re ridiculously small, fall mid-nap and don’t cover the space between the seat head rest and the window. Tip: bring your own big pillow. You can purchase special flight pillows or bring one from home – minus the teddy bear cover of course.


Staying with the recommended dosage, tablets can aide you in dropping-off before the flight. Tip: if you’re going to medicate, only do it once you’re on-board and note that some last longer than others. You can also wake-up in a silly position and have an awful crick in your neck, shoulders, back and or other places. 

Alternative approach

Have you heard that some airplanes have a secret area for the flight attendants and pilots to sleep during long haul flights? Well, it’s true. Our suggestion, if you’re looking to make a long trip; apply well in advance to the airline in question, join their flight attendant training programme, work for a few months and grease a few wheels to get on the flight of your choice and then, once on board, enjoy the benefits of a private bedroom. Note: you will have to work for most of the flight and likely the return trip…but the flight’s free!
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