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Top nine ways to save time at the airport

31 Jul 2017

Whether you’re headed-off on business, nipping away for a romantic weekend getaway or taking the kids to the Costa-del-whatever, a few hints and tips for the airport can really come in handy.

Boarding Pass

Save time by printing your boarding pass the day or week prior to your trip, the earlier the better. There’s every chance that your home-office printer is out of ink, so it’s best to do it at work (when the boss isn’t looking).  

Charge before you go

If the rug-rats are coming with you, charge every single techy-thing the night and morning before you fly. Better to have them face-down in a phone or device than screaming how bored they are for the duration of your flight. 

Where is that pesky airport?

It’s entirely possible that in the melee of booking, packing and celebrating your wonderful holiday package deal, you forgot to take into account the travel time to and even the direction of the airport to which you are departing from. In that case, it’s probably about time to turn-on the Sat-Nav, tap the map app or generally ask the neighbour at least which ‘A’ road to take.   


If you need to take your car (too many bags, kids, etc.) then park as near as is allowed, but if that’s not a goer, there are plenty of car parks that offer a shuttle service to and from airports. 


Did you do it online? 

Yes? Great – you can relax in the airport pub! 

No? Wait until the queue dies down and then get checked-in. 

Remove stuff and things prior to heading through the security scanner
Ear rings, belts, watches, phone, shoes…not socks! All off while you’re queuing and you’re through the machine in a flash!

Plastic Bottles

Take an empty bottle with you. You can refill when you’re past security at one of the many free airport water fountains - saves money and time in the shop queue.


It’s everywhere these days. If you’re headed-off for work, put the time to use and then maybe you can have a nap during the flight, that is as long as those kids still have power in their gadgets.

brazilian passport

Passport Checks

Smile, be polite (you’re British – shouldn’t be difficult), dress smartly and make eye contact. Laugh if they joke with you (they rarely do), answer questions directly and honestly and you should be free and clear to enjoy your holiday promptly. 

Exchange before you go

Get your foreign currency before you go to the airport. It’s ALWAYS a better rate – ALWAYS! Pop by a eurochange branch before you fly and we’ll do the best we can to maximise your exchange.
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