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Visit the volcanic island of Tenerife, Spain

04 Aug 2017

Guest post from Travelsradar

The Spanish island of volcanic origin, which is the largest of all Canaries, probably all of the nearly one million inhabitants consider as the true heaven on Earth! The island of Tenerife offers everything – different beach each day, great kitchen, and even the pyramids!

Tenerife - loro-parque

See dolphins and parrots

The Loro Parque, situated in the north of Tenerife, was opened 43 years ago as a reservation for parrots. Today, you can find a lot more species there, such as gorillas
and other. In addition to more than 300 families of parrots, you can visit a huge aquarium. Various show programs with dolphins, sea lions and other are also held every day.

Tenerife beach

Stay in Costa Adeje and choose a beach

Passengers booking a cheap flight to Tenerife usually go to Costa Adeje, on the south coast of the island. It is not difficult to conclude why, there is a beach for every occasion: Fanabe with numerous bars, Duque near the hotel and Los Cristianos, where you can even go shopping. On the other hand, if you want to dive and explore the sea bottom, you should visit the beach of Americas. No matter where you go, one thing is for sure – you will get a time of your life for relatively small money.

Tenerife food

Try local specialties

When you are tired of the restaurant on the beach, drive to the north where you will find the restaurant Othello. Stew of rabbit, chicken with garlic, famous Pappas Arrugadas will satisfy your taste buds. Pappas is actually potato cooked in sea water, which has a quite different flavor, and is regularly served with two sauces. As for the fish, visit the restaurant on the southeast of the island, Maonolo II. Choose a dish from the aquarium, and simply enjoy the freshness of the tastes …

Visit the pyramids

What does Egypt and Tenerife have in common? Incredible but true, the pyramids. While farmers in the north have long known of “stones” in the middle of the field, only the nineties revealed that it is actually about, the pyramids. They were discovered by the Norwegian archaeologist and explorer Thor Heyerdahl, and today are one of the attractions of the island.

Just act like the Spaniards

After the night out, wake up about 10, drop at the bar, order cortado (coffee with milk) and go to the beach. Have lunch after two, and then get ready for a siesta, which is best carried out in the shade to hide from the sun. Later, go back to the beach, find a bar and sip something cold. Do not dine anything before 10, because this is usual dinner time for the Spaniards.

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