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Top ten holiday travel tips

07 Aug 2017

For many of us, the idea of a holiday is fraught with frustration and apprehension, but there is a way to mitigate the stress and put the emphasis back on the fun. Here is our top ten list of holiday travel tips to help you get away faster, easier and with more time to relax.


Make a list. You WILL forget something, it’s the rule of travelling, but at least a list will minimise the number of items you leave at home. 


Roll, don’t fold or stuff! If you can vacuum pack your clothes, you can stuff lots more inside. Just remember that weight is weight. There is a limit to your carry-on and other luggage amount. Don’t get carried-away.

travel toiletries -

Travel Toiletries

In the lead-up to your trip, save your empty little bottles; decant your shampoo and conditioner, ferret-away your ear buds and hair grips in Tic-Tac cases etc. Use your ingenuity. If you do it well enough, even you won’t be able to find your things when you arri…wait, oops. 

Paper or Digital?

Many of us are staunch paper-back book enthusiasts, we can’t help it, but when it comes to holiday space saving and weight accommodation, sometimes a sideways jaunt to the world of digital readers is the best idea. Think of it this way, you can either take 2-3 paper-backs or upwards of 500 on your new, swanky tablet – your choice.


To cling or not to cling

Many airports provide a Clingfilm packing service. Basically they wrap your suitcases from top to bottom and all the way around to securely minimise the chance of your dodgy old suitcase falling apart. It’s up to you really - new suitcases are dirt cheap these days and that ancient case of yours is probably due for retirement. 

Pimp your bag

There are literally millions of suitcases flying here, there and everywhere on a daily basis and while airports have increasingly advanced luggage retrieval systems, what’s the harm in making your bag that much easier to find? You don’t have to buy a pink, Peppa Pig suitcase – but it would help. Brightly adhered stickers, tags, whatever - make it visible and make it obvious so you can spot your baggage all the way down the carousel. 

Note: Don’t make it tick, rattle or smell.

Smart Apps

Use them. Many airlines have check-in and scheduling apps available for free these days. It can be a marvel and even help you avoid printing that pesky boarding pass by going entirely digital. 

Note: charge your phone before you fly – if it dies, how are you going to check-in without waiting until that 100 person long queue finishes-up? 

Take a hat

Sun cream, lotion or a large T-shirt all help, but when it comes to the harmful effect of the sun, a hat can make all the difference. 

UK – US – EU and more

Travel adapters are a life-saver, especially if you have children that would rather stare at a screen than a majestic horizon. They are available at the airport, but Pound Stretcher and other cheap shops generally sell them too, usually for considerably less. 

Eat differently

Not always, sure, but eating the local delicacies can be an eye-opener. Some dishes are so tasty, you’ll wonder how you ever got by without them. Of course, the kids will only want burgers and pizza, but that doesn’t stop you trying something different.  

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