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10 Tips for First Time Travellers

09 Aug 2017

Guest post by Travelsradar

1. Get a passport

Kind of a “gimme”, right? But the Newbie Traveller polled his friends and found that 80% of them didn’t have a valid passport. And really, the trip won’t happen if you can’t get on the plane.

2. Not all power adapters are created equal

If you’re traveling to both the UK and mainland Europe, you’ll find you need two — or a truly universal — power adapter to make sure you can plug in everywhere.

3. Make the necessary phone calls before your trip

Some phone calls you’ll definitely want to make before departing, include your bank, cell phone, health insurance.

4. Meet a local

If you don’t know someone in at your destination, sites can hook you up with people who would love to show you around their town

5. Don’t be ashamed to use a map

Don’t care about whether or not people think you’re a tourist. Getting lost can be a lot worse than getting laughed at.

6. Never forget you’re in another country

Be open-minded and ready for new experiences while showing respect for your host country.

7. Fight jet lag

Don’t waste your time sleeping during the day in your hotel room. Try to sleep on the flight and do your best to adjust ASAP to your new time zone.

8. Use public transportation

“If the locals can figure it out, you can too.”

9. Be in the moment

“Don’t keep your head buried in guidebooks,” says CT. “You’re traveling to participate, for the opportunity to experience other cultures and ways of life. You want to look back on your journey and remember that you really existed there—if only just for a moment.”

10. Oh, and bring comfortable shoes

Sometimes you’ll have to sacrifice fashion for comfort, especially if you plan on hours of walking each day.

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