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A Guide to Saving Money on Your Holiday

16 Aug 2017

Guest post by Empty Pocket Guide

We all love a holiday. The chance to see somewhere new, de-stress and to reconnect with our relationships, including with yourself. 

Here’s my Guide to Saving Money on Your Holiday



When you book flights or holidays online delete your cookies . Companies track your visits to their website and can put the prices up when you return to their site. You may assume this is because of the date your booking and fact when you last looked it was earlier. Deleting your cookies, could save you a fortune. If there’s one thing I can teach you in life, it’ s always delete your cookies.

God Save the Points

This brilliant twitter account and website brings you premium travel at minimal expense. They help you find the cheapest flights, collect the most points and have some amazing ideas for travelling. My friend tweeted them and they suggested he flies via Dublin to New York for a saving of £400 then if he flew straight from London. Even if you have no idea how air miles work there’s even a beginners guide. There are travel tips and even tips on how to woo your flight crew.

Want a holiday where you know the exact price you are paying and can chose from a room only to full board basis? Then head to this website that’s advertised to be the number 1 holiday comparison site. This site is great for last minute cheap deals for sun, city, cruise, ski and UK holidays.


Getting to the aiport

We all love going on holiday but sometimes the cost of getting to the airport can nearly be as much as the holiday itself. If you are organised you can save yourself some money.

National Express

Cheap flights leave from Stanstead and Luton Airport’s but the transport to get to the airport isn’t so cheap. You can get National Express coaches from central London from £5 each way, when you buy advance tickets to these destinations. National Express also have deals for people travelling in a group of 3 or more. 


Choose your trains wisely my friend. The Gatwick Express is more expensive than Southern trains to Gatwick, yet the Gatwick Express is only 6 minutes faster than Southern services. If there are 3 or more of you travelling you are also able to get a group save discount.

The Gatwick Express is the fastest service and the trains are modern so if you want to get the service book online and you will save yourself money. If travelling in a group you can get 4-4-2 or 3-4-2 on tickets when you book online.

Airport Parking

IF you’d prefer to drive yourself to the airport you can pre-book parking to save yourself money. If you have saved money by getting an early morning flight you can start your holiday early by booking an airport hotel which also includes the cost of parking. Often booking a hotel with parking included works out only slightly more expensiv and you get a good rest before you even fly!


APH offers highly rated and trusted airport parking and airport hotels. There are reliable reviews provided from customers with a score out of 10. You can book airport hotels and lounges through APH also.

Holiday Extras

If you want to drive to the airport you can get the best deals for parking on Holiday Extras.  If you find it cheaper they will give it to you for less. offers good hotel and airport parking deals. If you have an early flight and want to start you holiday with a good sleep, book an airport hotel where you can also leave your car in their car park. has a price match on most hotels and a loyalty scheme where you get a night free for every 10 booked through the website.

travel insurance

Travel Insurance

This is an absolute necessity and only need cost a few pounds.

We are lucky we have the NHS as the actual cost of medical attention is insane, you will know this if you’ve ever had to go to a hospital in the U.S. Don’t risk having to foot this bill and use a comparison site to get a great deal. Go through Quidco or SmartSave to get money back on your purchase also. If you go away a lot then an annual package is well worth the cost. Insurance generally also covers loss of baggage and delays.

Go through and you can also bag yourself 2-4-1 cinema tickets for a year on a Tuesday or Wednesday. 


This is a free card that entitles you to free or reduced cost medical care in European Union countries. It also covers existing medical conditions.

Luggage and what to pack

Coconut Oil

This is a great product that is cheap and can be used for everything. This product can take place of many others, saving weight and cost. You can use coconut oil for sunburn, as a body moisturiser, chapped lips and to remove eye makeup. It also, quite simply, smells of holiday.


You don’t want to pay extra on excess luggage, so invest in a lightweight case with a good guarantee.

If you are going on a short break then invest in a cabin sized bag. The benefits are double as you don’t have to pay to put luggage in the hold and you get away quicker.

Malaria Tablets

Malaria tablets is not something you can chose not to take if you are in an at risk area. I know someone who got malaria, it is pretty horrific so don’t cut corners. Recently a friend travelled to Burma and she experienced first-hand the difference in cost of brands with the same ingredients so shop around. One pharmacy charged £70 while Tesco pharmacy had its own brand for £25.

The same goes with hay fever tablets and any medication check labels and ingredients of own brand products to brand names, there’s a massive saving to be made.


I take the map on my phone for granted and am lost without it. You don’t want to be using your data roaming abroad for downloading, as this will be exterminate. You can use to download for offline use before you go or over Wi-Fi and it will save to your phone.


Call your provider before you go to set up usage abroad and to find out how much everything is going to cost you. Turn data roaming off before you get on the plane otherwise all your apps will automatically use it abroad and it will cost you money, even if you’re not downloading Game of Thrones. I change my voicemail to say please email rather than leave a message as Wi-Fi is readily available in most countries at airports and public areas. Wherever you go, there is always a McDonalds and they always have Wi-Fi.

THREE MOBILE CUSTOMERS can use their phone abroad at no extra cost in many countries, now including New Zealand and Spain. I recently went to Spain and saved over £50 compared to if I was to be charged for my usage. 

Duty Free

Looking to buy an expensive electrical product or have an expensive taste in cosmetics. Now is the time to buy as you’ll be saving as no tax is charged at the airport. If you buy an electrical item you will need to purchase in the UK to make the guarantee valid.

Learning the Lingo

Duo Lingo

Duo lingo is a FREE language app available on all platforms across the world. You can learn a language for free, forever!

So that just leaves you to go away, explore and have a lovely time.

For more great hints and tips, visit the Empty Pocket Guide
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