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Set your travelling New Year’s Resolutions

02 Jan 2018

Everyone always has the same New Year’s resolutions – losing those extra few pounds, start saving, get a new job and so on. Here at eurochange we’ve come up with a few suggested resolutions to help you travel through 2018.

Save, save, save

Set a goal to save a set amount each month. Even if it’s just £100, by the end of 2018 you could’ve saved £1200 towards your travels. Try to go without your daily coffee run, you’ll be surprised at how quickly the pennies add up!


Plan your trips well in advance

Make a plan of where you want to go and when. Where will you stay? When will you move on to your next location? What day trips or activities do you want to experience when you’re there? If you have this set out clearly, it’s easier to see how much saving you’ll need to do and when you can set off, as well as tweaking dates to find better deals. 

Planning your travels

Get ready in good time

Don’t leave it until the last minute to get the last bits you need for your trip, especially your travel money! Check out our website for daily online rates and order online, or pop into your nearest branch so you’re not rushing around and stressing about going away. If you have leftover currency when you get home, we’ll even buy it back.

Holiday shopping

Travel to more places than ever before

Whether you plan a round trip of Europe, go on a road trip around America or travel around Asia, make 2018 the year you experience different cultures, countries and lifestyles. You’ll be surprised just how many countries you can visit in a year if you’re smart with where and how you book.

Map with pins

Learn foreign phrases

Help yourself get around the world by learning words and phrases in the languages of the countries you’re visiting. Not only will this make it easier to get around, you’ll be able to make international friends from around the world. 

Learn a new language

See more than the iconic sights

Truly experience everything a country has to offer. Experience life as a local, explore smaller parts of a city (remember to stay safe), meet new people, even go travelling on your own and get the most out of every place you visit. 

Don't just see the iconic sights

Think of yourself

If you want to explore somewhere others don’t, go anyway! If you don’t like the ocean or fancy just going on city breaks, then don’t let anyone stop you. Enjoy yourself and come home with no regrets or wishing you’d done something differently.
Think of yourself


Make it a priority to learn something about the places you visit. Maybe keep a scrap book or online journal of everything you experience and write down the facts you find most interesting. Also, take time to learn about you, you never know, you might surprise yourself.

Keep a journal

Learn a new skill

Whether you want to improve a current skill, work on your photography or learn a new craft, travelling is the perfect time to try something new.

Learn a new skill

Have fun!

Make 2018 your best year yet and enjoy everything you experience, wherever you are in the world. Life’s far too short to spend it standing still. 

Have fun!

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