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Top 10 tips for travelling with children

15 Jan 2018

To many the thought of travelling with kids is stressful and not their idea of a relaxing holiday. But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be stressful. Don’t believe us? Keep reading…

Go slow

Not only do toddlers have little legs; it takes them longer to digest the information and sights around them. Try to take as much time in each location as you can and let them explore at their own pace. This will also help you see more yourself as you take your time in each location.

Family walking in city

Book your flights, accommodation and days out in advance

Booking and buying your foreign currency in advance could save you cash and give you peace of mind that everything is sorted. The less stressed you are about what you’re doing, where you’re going and how you’re getting there, the more you’ll enjoy travelling as a family!

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Laptop with Eurochange

Get snappy

A camera for your child doesn’t have to be expensive, there are some great child-friendly toy cameras out there to help let your child’s creative side out. Another idea is to give them a disposable camera to play with during their travels – so if it did end up lost or at the bottom of the ocean, no serious amount of money was spent and they still had fun!

child with camera

Check their passport

Chidren’s passports expire every 5 years so it’s important to make sure there’s plenty of time left on their passport for your travels… particularly if you’re going for a long period of time! Although sometimes you may wish you could have a break from them, leaving them in a foreign country seems a bit excessive 😉

Girl in sea

Pack the plastic

If you’ve got a toddler and they’re mixing it up between walking and crawling, a plastic sheet could be the answer to keeping them clean! Simply lay it down on the ground and let them play on it while you’re staying in one place to stop pesky mud and grass stains appearing on their nice clean clothes.

Toddler in grass

Take public transport

Taking a train, bus, tram or boat can really enhance your child’s travelling experience. It’s a novelty to use them and can give them experiences richer than using a hire car.

Take a look at some of the most wacky public transport ideas from around the world.

Tram public transport

Pack smart

This may seem obvious, but big toys and hundreds of bags are a no-go when travelling with kids. Pack small toys, play games that make them look at the scenery around them or download child friendly apps on your iPad or smart device.

Child playing on iPad

Plan adult time

It’s all well and good spending time with your kids, who can argue that family time isn’t an important element in your child’s growth and development? But take time out once in a while and hire a baby-sitter to enjoy some quality adult time. If you’re not sure where you’d find a babysitter on holiday, check out Conde Nast Traveller’s tips on finding a trustworthy babysitter abroad. Go out for a nice dinner or to a bar, or take some time out to see sights and visit tourist spots more suited for adults. Most importantly, have a great time, unwind and relax before the kids wake up and it’s time to get going again.

Couple drinking coffee

Say no to bugs

Hand sanitiser and antibacterial wipes will become your best friend when travelling with kids. Whether it’s a quick clean of the hands before eating, or zapping a few germs out and about, stop your kids catching bugs abroad with cheap and easy to use hygiene products.

Hand sanitiser

Keep planning exciting adventures

Nothing keeps the kids entertained quite like exploring and discovering new places. Take advantage of free days at museums and exhibitions, take a trip to a beach or park for a cheap day out and watch them grow as they learn and see new things for the first time around the world.

Mother and daughter on beach

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