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9 of the most bizarre travel insurance claims we’ve ever seen!

17 May 2018


To celebrate our partnership with A+ Insurance, we’ve found some of the most extraordinary travel insurance claims from around the world.

Although these aren't your usual holiday experiences, they do highlight the importance of travel insurance when you go on holiday 😉

The mysterious case of rain in Scotland

 A family went to Scotland for a holiday and were furious that it rained the whole time they were there. They tried to make a claim on the basis that the rain ruined their holiday; however it was of course rejected by their travel insurance company.


Don’t rock the boat

Motion sickness is a common side effect of travelling by boat; many of us can’t stomach the rocking backwards and forwards and high waves you may encounter on the sea. One pensioner however, had a rather bad time when they vomited up their lunch AND their dentures over the side of the boat! The travel insurance claim was accepted as ‘lost baggage’.


Don’t let your eyes wander too far!

One British tourist put in a claim for treatment and medical expenses for a broken nose after getting distracted by a group of women in bikinis and walking straight into a bus shelter in Athens. We aren’t laughing… much!


That’s one cheeky monkey

While on holiday in Bali, one couple had their bag stolen by a monkey. Although they tried to entice the monkey close enough to retrieve the bag with help from a group of Indonesian children, this apparently irritated the monkey who then went on to throw the couples belongings off a cliff. Their claim for lost baggage was accepted and paid.


The tourist that nearly became hissss-tory

While touring South Africa’s Kruger National Park, one tourist was bitten by one of the most venomous snakes in the world; the Mozambique Cobra. This breed of snake carries cytotoxic venom, used to destroy the muscle tissue and blood cells of their prey. Luckily, the man survived and his claim for medical expenses was successful.


Remember… you HAVE to love your kids

What family hasn’t gone to the beach and attempted to bury one of the parents in the sand? However, you may think the line is drawn before burying expensive items in the sand like cameras! Unfortunately, two little terrors didn’t think about this, buried their parents camera in the sand before going for a swim in the sea and had completely forgotten where they’d buried it when they got back. Oops.


We’re coco-nutty for coconuts

One British tourist filed a claim for £1000 because he’d lost the two coconuts he had planned to bring home from his holiday. Considering they can be bought for £1 each from a market, the £1000 claim is brave. It’s also brave because bringing this type of food back into the UK is illegal!

(We’re assuming his claim was not successful)


The bride’s burning!

When getting married in the Caribbean, the only burning you’d think of was sun burning, right?


One brides dress caught on fire when it accidently made contact with their barbeque on the beach. Luckily, her groom managed to pick her up and throw them both into the sea to stop the burning. Both of their outfits were completely ruined, but they had wedding insurance so their costs were covered. Phew.


Honeymooning gone wrong

Despite the term 'love is blind', one newlywed bride thought she’d treat herself to a spot of plastic surgery when on her honeymoon in Thailand. She opted for liposuction and went under the knife very quickly. That’s when it all went wrong.

She reacted badly to the procedure and incurred huge medical bills, however travel insurance did not cover her claims as liposuction is seen as an elective surgery instead of a medical one.


And what’s the moral of the story you ask? Well there are a few…

  1. Always get travel insurance before you travel
  2. Steer clear of cheeky monkeys and deadly snakes
  3. Make sure your dentures are secure or removed before you get on a boat


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