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Six top tips to prepare for your next business trip

31 May 2018

Preparing for your business trip properly is just as important as how you prepare for an important meeting or presentation! How you prepare, what you remember to do and when you do it could have an effect on the effectiveness and productivity of your trip.

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Boost your 2018 business trips

12 Jan 2018

Going abroad on business? Kick-start 2018 and plan the most productive trip yet with our business boosting tips.

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Making the most of your airline seat

26 May 2017

How can I fly Business Class on the cheap? Is there a way to get more for less? Eurochange have done the research; now take advantage of the results.

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Why trains are better than planes

27 Jan 2017

For business men and women around the world, travelling to meetings up and down the country or to entirely different countries can be a dour affair. Taking a last-minute flight, over-priced, uncomfortable and severely lacking in in-flight entertainment - this is not fun.

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Business Travel with Airbnb

08 Dec 2016

Not so very long ago, if your boss sent you away for a conference or another business related shindig, he or she’d look to put-you-up in a chain hotel or some other budget establishment with the hope of saving a little money for the “company”.

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10 top tips for easier business travel

16 Sep 2016

Frequent flyer miles, client dinners and nice hotels are definite business trip perks, but regular overseas travel can really take its toll, and not just on your company credit card. Save yourself from the stress, illness and mishaps of business travel and make it easier for good with these handy tips...

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8 top jet lag-busting tips for your next long-haul flight

16 Sep 2016

Travelling across several time zones can send your internal body clock into meltdown and leave you feeling tired, ill and out of touch with your surroundings. Here are eight simple tips to avoid jet lag...

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