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International Payments Blog

What you need to know about transferring money overseas for business, property, studying abroad and more.

Expats, our International Payments service has your back!

04 Jun 2018

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A brief history of International Payments

02 May 2018

We may wonder how we’d survive without the internet and smart phones to conduct business, but international payments has essentially been around for centuries, even millenniums… just not quite as quickly, easily or fairly!

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Why should you open an International Payments account?

01 Mar 2018

Whether you’ve got an overseas mortgage to pay, are making large or regular payments abroad or just want a safe way to transfer your money, you need one of our International Payments accounts!

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Why is Italy such a worry for the European Union?

16 Dec 2016

Italy has been the next crisis waiting to happen in the EU since Brexit in June 2016, but the referendum on 3rd December has baffled many international observers. So why did the ‘No’ vote send markets into a jitter and what might it mean for the future of the European Union?

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International Payments tips

16 Sep 2016

We asked our International Payments team for the best ways to save money on overseas money transfers, and they’ve given us their expert advice...

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Tips for buying a property overseas

16 Sep 2016

So you’ve decided to make that dream of owning a place in the sun a reality, and you’re buying a holiday home or property abroad. Congratulations! Now here’s how to make sure that dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare...

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