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First time cruise tips from genuine cruise goers

13 Feb 2019

Guest blog post by Claim Score.

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What to do if you run out of money while travelling

08 Feb 2019

Guest blog post by Ruth Bushi from

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A Guide For International Students Coming to the UK

25 Jan 2019

Guest post by Stuart Cooke of

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The Most Helpful Travel Apps

18 Jan 2019

Guest blog post by Danielle Reid from D&T Travel.

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How to Spend 36 Hours in Amsterdam

16 Jan 2019

Guest blog post by Will Roberts from

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The best holiday destinations to visit in winter

29 Oct 2018

Guest blog post by Jennifer Ranking.

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9 of the most bizarre travel insurance claims we’ve ever seen!

17 May 2018

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Ways to save money while travelling as a student

27 Mar 2018

Guest post from Travelling Tom.

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Top 10 tips for travelling with children

15 Jan 2018

To many the thought of travelling with kids is stressful and not their idea of a relaxing holiday. But, what if we told you it doesn’t have to be stressful. Don’t believe us? Keep reading…

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Set your travelling New Year’s Resolutions

02 Jan 2018

Everyone always has the same New Year’s resolutions – losing those extra few pounds, start saving, get a new job and so on. Here at eurochange we’ve come up with a few suggested resolutions to help you travel through 2018.

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Top tips for a stress-free Christmas break

15 Dec 2017

Travelling at any time of year can be stressful – whether you’ve got kids, are a couple or a lone traveller. But with the added pressures that Christmas can bring, the stress can often be heightened. So we’ve compiled our top 10 tips to make your festive trip as stress-free as possible.

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Headed to Southeast Asia? Four tips to make your currency go even further

15 Sep 2017

Guest post from Two Lost Americans

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Using the US Dollar in Cambodia

22 Aug 2017

Guest post by Cases Packed

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A Guide to Saving Money on Your Holiday

16 Aug 2017

Guest post by Empty Pocket Guide

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10 Tips for First Time Travellers

09 Aug 2017

Guest post by Travelsradar

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Top ten holiday travel tips

07 Aug 2017

For many of us, the idea of a holiday is fraught with frustration and apprehension, but there is a way to mitigate the stress and put the emphasis back on the fun. Here is our top ten list of holiday travel tips to help you get away faster, easier and with more time to relax.

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Visit the volcanic island of Tenerife, Spain

04 Aug 2017

Guest post from Travelsradar

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What do you need to know before visiting Bali?

02 Aug 2017

Guest post by Ni Wayan Ekarini

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How to save money travelling in India

01 Aug 2017

Guest post by sistersistertravels Find them on Twitter: @sistersistertrv - Instagram: sistersistertravels and their blog -

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Top nine ways to save time at the airport

31 Jul 2017

Whether you’re headed-off on business, nipping away for a romantic weekend getaway or taking the kids to the Costa-del-whatever, a few hints and tips for the airport can really come in handy.

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How to avoid holiday traps

26 Jul 2017

When travelling there are always those looking to take advantage of tourists, con men/women or charlatans looking to capitalize on your good nature and ignorance. Here’s our brief guide to avoiding just a few of them…have a nice holiday.

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Cool & Safe Travel Documents

17 Jul 2017

Guest Post by Peter Rudin-Burgess - Compare Holiday

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Save money on your summer holiday - Top Ten Travel Tips

10 Jul 2017

With the peak travel period nearly upon us, here are a few common sense hints and tips to making the most of your holiday before and during your trip.

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Lake Bled

06 Jul 2017

Guest Post by Davy Sims

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10 Top Tips for Surviving a Long Haul Flight

22 Jun 2017

Guest Post by Travel Toiletries 2 Go

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10 Most Popular Places to Visit in the Balkans

20 Jun 2017

Guest Post: Supplied by our friends at Tour Croatia.

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What sun cream should I buy and when do I apply?

14 Jun 2017

Woohoo, the summer has arrived! And then disappeared and then come back again! But no matter where you’re holidaying, be it Greece, Croatia or your back garden, there is something that you positively, most definitely, absolutely must not neglect to use sun cream!

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The best way to save money in Athens

12 Jun 2017

Greece, or more precisely, Athens is our destination this week and we have a few hints and tips to help you get the most out of your trip to the “cradle of western civilization”. Surrounded by oceans - Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean and Cretan, Greece is one of the most populous countries in Europe, with 18 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The official name is the Hellenic Republic, Hellas or Ellada, but we all know it as Greece. Popular as a tourist destination for the British holiday-going public for decades, Greece has a multitude of islands to visit and the climate often tops the barometer.

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The best ways to save money in Istanbul

02 Jun 2017

As we continue our series on saving money abroad, this week we are visiting the far eastern city of Istanbul or Byzantium or Constantinople, depending on your advanced years.

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What's the best way to save money in Barcelona?

19 May 2017

In contrast to other major European cities, Barcelona is not particularly pricey, but you can always save,so here are our top tips to stretch your holiday money that bit further.

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Where To Find The Best Vegetarian Food Around The World

15 May 2017

To celebrate National Vegetarian Week, eurochange is delving into the realm of veggie grub from around the world.

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What's the best way to save money in Paris?

10 May 2017

According to a recent survey from Business - 2016, Paris is the third most popular travel destination in the world; with over 18 million visitors…it is also one of the most expensive!

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The best ways to Save Money in New York City

28 Apr 2017

According to a survey, over 60 million people visited New York City in 2016 and with attractions such as the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, and the multitude of other activities, it is no wonder New York is the 11th most expensive city in the world to live in. So, if you’re thinking of visiting, you really should be prepared. We have created a list of hints and tips to help you save money when travelling to and around one of the largest metropolises in the world.

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The Top Ten Bicycle Cities in the World

24 Apr 2017

Travel is changing all around the world. Airplanes are getting faster, cars are getting greener and some of us are even using Hover Boards! But there is still a place for the traditional bicycle and we know just the places to ride them.

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Happy Mother's Day Mum, do you want to go on holiday?

26 Mar 2017

There are many different Mums out there; there are Mums that bake, Mums that run, Mums that spa and many more Mums. No matter which type of Mum you have, Mother’s Day is the day to show your appreciation for all she does for you.

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How To Take A Road Trip Across The USA Via Route 66

23 Mar 2017

Touring the world comes in all shapes, sizes and ways. From airplanes to bicycles, ferry, cruise ship or car, touring the globe is a time honoured tradition and few are quite as renowned and ingrained in a culture as riding the road on Route 66.

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How to Travel Alone - an A-Z guide

20 Mar 2017

Travelling alone can be a great way of giving you complete freedom and control of where you go and what you see. However, being on your own in a foreign land comes with increased risks; that’s why we’ve put-together this guide, to help you navigate your trip and get the most out of your adventure.

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How to keep your children safe on holiday

01 Mar 2017

There are many things to think about before and during a holiday with your family, but we can all agree that child safety is paramount. So we’ve put together a list of hints and tips to keeping your loved ones safe and having fun while abroad.

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The Best Way to Sleep on an Airplane

22 Feb 2017

Is there a best way to go to sleep while flying? That is the question travellers across the globe have been asking for generations. Well, eurochange is here to tell you…

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How to Pop the Big Question to your Loved One

15 Feb 2017

Ever since cave man said to cave woman – “ug ug Ugy me”, proposals have taken place.

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Airline Safety Cards – an interesting history

10 Feb 2017

As commercial airlines rarely come equipped with ejection seats and parachutes, it became (we imagine) clear to provide instructions on what procedures to follow in the event of an incident. Now, doubtless due to the various language barriers one encounters in the travel industry, and keen to save money on multi-language printing costs, airlines manufactured safety cards that were almost entirely illustrated.

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Top Ten ways to Save Money while Travelling

17 Jan 2017

To help you get the most out of your trip, we have put together our top 10 hints and tips to travelling the globe on a budget. Here’s how you can get your money to stretch that bit further.

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Review your last holiday before your next one

30 Dec 2016

Holidays are something we all look forward to, and we often start planning right after the last one. With that in mind, it’s often time to look-back and review how your last holiday went. Here’s our check-list of where you went wrong and how you can go right.

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Top Ten Tips to Travelling Easier and Safer

28 Dec 2016

Following-on from our successful Top 10 Tips articles, here are eurochange's top ten tips for travelling the easier and safer way.

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EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card

23 Dec 2016

What is the European Health Insurance Card and Why do I need it?

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Renting Scooters Abroad

21 Dec 2016

For many of us, holidays are a time to relax, sit-back, soak-up the sun and avail ourselves of a cocktail or two. That’s the plan for most, but every now and then, the idea of exploring the local area might appeal.

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Top Ten ways to Save Money on your Travel in 2017

19 Dec 2016

Here at eurochange we understand that if you can save HERE, you can spend THERE. To that end, here's our list of the Top Ten Tips for saving money while travelling in 2017.

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The Top Ten Free Travel Apps for 2017

14 Dec 2016

We've scoured the internet and we're pretty sure that these ten apps are THE TEN APPS for you and your travel needs in 2017.

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Top Ten Travel Hacks for 2017

12 Dec 2016

Here’s eurochange’s top ten travel hacks for 2017 to get you through the flight and holiday unscathed, and with some currency leftover when you return.

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Super Suitcase Packing Hacks

16 Sep 2016

We know a thing or two about travel, so here are the top packing tricks and tips we’ve learned over the years...

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15 important sun protection tips for your next holiday

16 Sep 2016

Don't spoil your next trip with a painful bout of sunburn - follow this advice to avoid burning and keep your skin super healthy in the sun...

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11 tips for surviving long haul flights

16 Sep 2016

Jet lag, varicose veins, annoying fellow passengers - being stuck on a plane for hours on end is no picnic. Here’s some expert tips from frequent flyers to make long haul flights more comfortable...

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10 essential FREE or cheap apps for travelling

16 Sep 2016

How many of you would ever dream of leaving home without your smartphone? Not many of us, these days, and going on holiday is no exception. But which of the many thousands of travel apps on the iTunes and Google Play stores are really worth downloading?

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