How Much Spending Money You'll Need For Top Destinations

Knowing how much spending money to take on holiday with you can feel like a bit of a guessing game. The cost of eating out, drinks and entertainment varies widely from country to country and then there's the currency exchange rate to take into account.

Accidentally taking too much foreign currency can be a pain as you're likely to need to change it back to Great British Pounds (GBP) when you return home, but taking too little spending money could severely limit what you can do while on holiday and could potentially leave you in a very difficult situation if an emergency arises and you have run out of money.

To cut through the confusion and help you plan how much money you're actually likely to need, we've taken ELLE and Condé Nast Traveller's top destinations of 2020 and analysed each destination on how much local currency your money will buy as well as the cost of a morning coffee, an evening drink, eating out and tickets to a show, and scored each destination across these metrics to show you how far your money will go.

Take a look at the index below to find out where your money will go the furthest.

As well as scoring each destination across these metrics, we’ve also laid out exactly how much these activities will cost, in Pounds Sterling, for two people per day.

Take a look at the table below to find out how much money two people are likely to spend each day in each destination.

We also looked at how much money people actually exchanged to take on holiday with them to each destination over the last 12 months to find out how many days their money would last.

We found that people travelling to Brazil exchanged an average of £348, which is likely to last around 6 days in Salvador. Those travelling to China took a similar amount of money, at an average of £387, but this is only likely to last 2 days in Qingdao.

While people travelling to Turkey and Denmark took a similar amount of money, at £286 and £273 respectively, their holiday spending money would last around five and a half days in Istanbul but just one and a half days in Denmark’s Frisian Islands.

So it just goes to show that it pays to do your research on how much the activities you want to do on holiday are going to cost. Don’t get caught short on your next holiday, use our handy guides above to work out how much spending money you’re likely to need on your next trip to 2020’s top destinations.
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