Need to make large or regular payments?
Opening an International Payments account couldn’t be simpler

Money Transfers International Payments Account

International Payments Account

Opening an International Payments account with us could save you both time and money. As well as saving your details for quick and simple repeat transactions, opening an account means you can make payments to 194 countries worldwide in just a few taps or clicks. Our rates are calculated in line with mid-market rates so you are guaranteed a fair price, and you will receive your very own personalised margin. Find out more below.

Three steps to opening an International Payment account*


Click ‘Open an Account’

Print off or note down the details from the documentation page.


Complete the application form

Fill in all the necessary fields, then click ‘Continue.’


Make your International Payment

It’s that simple. And next time you log in, you’ll have even fewer steps before you can make a payment.

Five ways an International Payments Account could save you time and money

Open an International Payments account online or in branch and you'll be able to enjoy benefits that include:
  • Making payments at the click of a button to 194 countries worldwide
  • Taking advantage of the latest rates, calculated on a live market rate that changes every 15 minutes
  • Making payments of up to £2,500 on a debit card and unlimited amounts by Bank Transfer
  • Using our Live Rate Watch feature to monitor the rates on a daily basis
  • Save your beneficiary details for repeat transactions
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What is a margin?

Exchange rates are calculated at a specific percentage of the live market rate (also known as a ‘Spot’ rate). Usually you can expect to receive a margin of between 0.5% - 2% of this rate.

Your very own personalised margin

We will calculate your exchange rate at a precise margin unique to you. Your agreed margin will be available on your International Payments account so that you can instruct payments throughout the day at the click of a button. You will always know the exact rate that you will receive at any given time when you log in to your account.

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