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Quick Money Transfer.
The clue’s in the name!

Quick Transfer

For transfers between £300 and £5,000 without setting up an account.

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  • Exchange Rate: Current rate: 1 GBP =
Transfer Fee: £0.00 info
Free for transfers over £2,000 or £5 per transaction for transfers below that amount
Money Transfers Quick Transfer

Quick Money Transfer with eurochange

If you don’t want the trouble of setting up an account, but need to send between £300 and £5,000 abroad, the Quick Money Transfer is perfect. Add in bank-beating exchange rates and fee-free costs for currency transfers over £2,000 (and only £5 if it’s below £2,000) and it’s a fast, simple and cost-effective solution.

service, convenience and value

Perfect for one-off payments

80 currencies, available

No fee for currency transfers over £2,000

quick and easy, money transfers

Bank-beating exchange rates

117 branches, we're never far away

No account needed

Three steps to sending a Quick Currency Transfer


Select the currency to transfer

Select the type and amount of currency you need to transfer. We’ll show you the relevant exchange rate.


Complete the transfer details

Select whether you’re a new or existing customer and whether you’re sending the money to a new or existing beneficiary.


Submit your online transfer

Then simply check you’re happy with all the details - and transfer your money. All done.

Send more of your money with eurochange

You may think that you are getting a great deal from your bank but our latest survey shows that you can make your money go further with eurochange Quick Transfer.

Send an average of €51 more to the Eurozone and an average of $48 more to the United States compared with the High Street banks.

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Today's Rates

Last Updated 18th January 7:56 AM

Currency Standard Rate Improved Rate When you transfer minimum of Transfer
Euro 1.1418 1.1447 £1,000
US Dollar 1.2653 1.2685 £1,000
Australian Dollar 1.8431 1.8478 £1,000
Canadian Dollar 1.6429 1.6471 £1,000

Today's Rates

Last Updated 18th January 7:56 AM

  • Euro
  • Standard Rate:1.1418
  • Improved Rate:1.1447
  • When you transfer min:£1,000
  • US Dollar
  • Standard Rate:1.2653
  • Improved Rate:1.2685
  • When you transfer min:£1,000
  • Australian Dollar
  • Standard Rate:1.8431
  • Improved Rate:1.8478
  • When you transfer min:£1,000
  • Canadian Dollar
  • Standard Rate:1.6429
  • Improved Rate:1.6471
  • When you transfer min:£1,000

We transfer worldwide Make payments worldwide

With access to 43 different currencies and 118 countries, it's no surprise more and more people are choosing our Quick Transfer service to help them move money around the globe.
With access to 49 different currencies and 194 countries, it’s no surprise more and more people are choosing eurochange to help them move money around the globe.

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A little more about our Quick Money Transfer service...

eurochange Quick Transfer
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