Paying Bills Abroad

Whether you need to make a small one off payment or arrange a more substantial transfer, we've a range of tools and services to make paying an overseas bill incredibly straightforward. For ad hoc payments, our Quick Transfer service is simple and - you've guessed it - quick. Or for larger transactions, simply open an International Payments account and we'll help take care of the rest. Whichever you choose. if you’re making a payment to Eurozone countries or the U.S. we'll credit it within just one working day..

Three steps to opening an International Payment account


Click ‘Open an Account’

Print off or note down the details from the documentation page.


Complete the application form

Fill in all the necessary fields, then click ‘Continue.’


Make your International Payment

It’s that simple. And next time you log in, you’ll have even fewer steps before you can make a payment.

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