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15 Dec 2016

The Times newspaper stated today that "Passengers at British airports get worse rates than those at European hubs as Heathrow and Gatwick drive up rents and strike exclusivity deals with foreign-exchange operators."

The Times went on to say that "More than five million people are expected to fly from British airports this Christmas, with almost 250,000 travelling through Heathrow on its busiest day. One in ten travellers buys currency from their departure airport."

Whereas if you buy or sell your currency with us and not at the airport you can receive more than 15% extra for your money!

It may be easy to change your money at the airport but our survey of 8 airport currency providers on 22nd April 2016 shows that you certainly pay for the convenience by paying over the odds for your travel money.

Our research shows that buying your currency in advance is significantly better value than at the airport, getting up to 22% more for your money and on average €21.01 extra, purchasing through eurochange.  

We have over 140 branches across the UK, many near to major airports and often open late night, and our Click & Collect service in just 60 seconds or next-day Home Delivery (if ordered by 4pm), meaning that even if you’re in a rush, you can still get your travel money from eurochange.

Take off – what you receive for £100*

eurochange – Hounslow                 €123.07 
Heathrow T3 - Travelex                   €106.79 
Gatwick South - TTT Moneycorp     €101.93 
Stansted - TTT Moneycorp              €104.77 
Manchester T1 - Travelex                €100.00 
Southampton - TTT Moneycorp       €96.16 
Birmingham International - Ice          €104.77 
Edinburgh – Ice                               €106.79 
Newcastle - Travelex                       €116.46 

Amount, on average, you will be better off with by using eurochange:  €21.01

Landing – what you receive for €100*

eurochange – Hounslow:                £73.16 
Heathrow T3 – Travelex:                  £65.08 
Gatwick South - TTT Moneycorp :    £62.23 
Stansted - TTT Moneycorp:             £61.73 
Manchester T1 – Travelex:              £64.86 
Southampton - TTT Moneycorp:       £61.51 
Birmingham International – Ice:        £62.81 
Edinburgh – Ice:                              £65.12 
Newcastle - Travelex :                     £64.04

Amount, on average, you will be better off with by using eurochange:  £9.74

Moneycorp at Southampton Airport offered the least value for money, giving you just €96.16 for your £100, and giving you back £61.51 upon selling your €100.  

*based on transactions conducted on 22nd April 2016. You would be on average 20.6% better off if you had bought £100 of euro and 15.4% better off if you had sold €100 at eurochange Hounslow rather than at the airport bureau de change surveyed. The airport prices include commission - eurochange adopt a 0% commission policy on all foreign currency transactions. 
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