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eurochange End of the Year Review 2016

09 Jan 2017

This year has been a standout year for eurochange. At the beginning of the year we set ourselves a target, to increase the awareness of our brand, grow our high street presence and provide a complete foreign exchange service both in branch and online.

To that end, we began by redesigning our website; updating the appearance, adding and highlighting the various valuable foreign currency services that we provide, these include Rate Watch, Quick Transfer (QT) and the market leading 60 second Click & Collect to name but a few.

Year on year we have been growing the size of our branch network and we have opened 23 new branches in this year alone. The final month of the year (link to news post) saw eurochange open branches in York, Stoke-on-Trent, Ilford and Canterbury, with 20 new jobs brought to those regions. Overall in 2016 we created over 100 jobs throughout the UK, including branches in Scotland and Wales.

 “eurochange’s rates are typically good, well up in the top ten providers almost every day where the difference is often down to thousandths of a Euro, and they have the advantage of physical stores you can walk into and can save you Pounds, which is especially useful for smaller orders.” –

And let’s not forget, we were the proud recipients of the MoneyAge 2016 ‘Travel Money Provider of the Year’ Award, which says a huge amount about our level of service, convenience and value for money proposition.

Giles Custerson, Managing Director at eurochange, said: 

“2016 has been a very successful year for eurochange with the continued, rapid expansion of our branch network and the launch of our new website with its unique ‘click and collect’ in 60 seconds (link). We plan to open a further 25 branches in 2017 which will create over 120  new jobs and provide a valuable foreign exchange service in key areas across the UK, so there are further exciting times ahead!”

In addition to our commercial success, eurochange is proud to remain a key sponsor of the charity, Sustain for Life. Through our in-house collection and social media advertising, eurochange was able to raise a substantial sum for Sustain for Life and help them continue their efforts to improve lives and reduce poverty by helping poor and marginalised people to become sustainably self-sufficient.  We have partnered Sustain for Life for the past ten years and donated over £550,000 through corporate donations, customer fundraising and staff challenges.  

“As Sustain for Life celebrates our 10th birthday, we want to say a special thank you to eurochange - the foreign exchange experts, who have supported us since 2006. We are extremely grateful to eurochange and their customers as 100% of their donations have gone directly to projects which have supported…”

eurochange ended this year with 141 high street branches across the UK, with total transactions numbering in excess of 2.5 million. We are proud that so many traveller’s love what we do and will strive to continue to fine tune our offering to ensure that we stay ahead of the competition in 2017. 
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