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Interview with the winner of the #eurochangeGetSnappy Competition

08 May 2017

Congratulations go to the winner of our #eurochangeGetSnappy competition, Anne-Marie Wallace Dalzell, who took this amazing image of Florence, Italy. Her prize was £100 in the currency of her choice and an interview for our blog.

Curious where the image had been captured and how Anne-Marie achieved it, we asked a few questions and thought you might be interested in the answers. 

Congratulations also go to our second, and third placed entrants - Gemma Blake for her Thailand photograph & Fiona Roone, for her 'I heart Dubai' shot. 

2nd - gemma blake‏ @jackspinkie - thailand

3rd - Fiona Rooney‏ @fifiRoo - Dubai

Massive thanks to all our 250+ participants across our twitter (eurochangeFX) and Instagram (eurochange) pages. 

1.Where was your image taken and when? 

The picture was taken across the Arno River in Florence on a hot day in June 2016. It was about a week after part of the embankment had collapsed near the famous Ponte Vecchio.

2. What made you decide to take this particular image?

I was totally mesmerised by the vivid colours. The facades of the buildings were eye-catching enough but because they were framed by all the greenery I felt like I'd been transported back to another time. 

3. Do you have any tips for budding photographers out there?

Take loads of photos. I love my little Olympus Pen point and shoot because it is so easy to use and you can bring it anywhere. Don't forget there are great little editing apps out there that can help turn an ok photo into an awesome one.

4.What were your happiest memories of this holiday? 

I got to bring my three little babies to Florence. Everyone thought we were crazy to try and bring three babies under-5 to such a busy city but they loved it. We made so many memories and tourists and locals made such a fuss of them too. They still ask to go back to Italy a year later. It definitely made a huge impact on them.

5.Would you go back? 

I would go back to Florence in a heartbeat. It's a very special city with the most amazing architecture and the best ice cream in the world. I've been to Italy a few times - Venice, Lake Garda - and it never disappoints.

6. Do you have any travel tips related to your holiday destination?

If you're travelling with children hire a private taxi that holds you all. It means there's no hanging around at the airport, there'll be air conditioning and baby seats, plus you get left right at your hotel front door. It isn't that expensive but offers a stress free start and end to the holiday. 

7. What camera did you use?

I used my Olympus Pen point and shoot. It's a great little camera that isn't too bulky but takes really clear shots.

8. What will you do with your winnings?

I'm going to Iceland in six weeks so I'm going to put it towards a new lens for my camera so that I can get some dramatic pictures of the stars and geysers.

9.Will you enter our competition again? 

Yes I'm a sucker for a competition and always think someone will win, so why not me? I love entering something that pushes me creatively or makes me think. Eurochange regularly run competitions and always announce the winners plus they are very reactive on social media which makes it a lovely, personal service.
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