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15% more in your pocket

16 May 2017

Do you want your travel money to go further?

Don't exchange money at the Airport

When you buy or sell with us and not at the airport, you can find yourself up to 15% better-off. 

It may be easy to change your money at the airport, but is it financially wise? For many of us, the thought of the holiday overrides everything else; book your flight, arrange your hotel, find a dog-sitter…but when do you find time to exchange your money? 

Martin Lewis, founder of consumer advice site, “Nobody in their right mind should buy foreign currency at a bureau in an airport. It’s abominable. It’s a monumental, horrendous rip-off.” Telegraph.

Our survey, conducted on 10th March 2017 at airport bureau de change show that on average, you would be 17% better-off if you had bought £100 of euros and 16.2% better-off is you had sold €100 at eurochange Hounslow, rather than at the airport. 

Our Click & Collect service in 60 seconds can really help. A quick visit to our website and you can have your money ready and waiting for you. Swing by us on your way to the airport and rest assured that you won’t lose money on airport bureau fees and commission charges. 

We also provide a buy-back service; if you don’t spend your leftover travel money, visit us in one of our 144 branches on the way home and we can exchange your foreign currency for Sterling so that you’ll keep that holiday smile for that little bit longer!
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