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Canadian 150th commemorative bank note

30 May 2017

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Canadian Confederation, the Canadian Mint has designed and produced a $10 note, which will circulate alongside the current Polymer series of $10 notes, but will not replace it; both are of equal value and can be used interchangeably in transactions, but it is likely that early issues of the note will find their way onto online auctions, similar to the UK’s £5 notes.

The Canada 150 commemorative bank note is available at financial institutions from 1st June 2017 and 40 million of these commemorative bank notes will be distributed, available across the country no later than Canada Day (July 1st).

The new note will feature four people for the first time, including James Gladstone, a member of the Kainai (Blood) First Nation (Blackfoot name - Akay-na-muka or “Many guns,”) who committed himself to the betterment of Indigenous peoples in Canada and Agnes Macphail, a champion of equality and human rights who became the first woman elected to the House of Commons in Canada in 1921.

“This bank note is intended to captivate our imagination and instil pride in what we, as a nation, have accomplished,” said Bank of Canada Governor Stephen S. Poloz.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall are scheduled to tour Ontario and Nunavut before attending the national celebration in Ottawa on July 1. It is estimated that the nationwide celebrations for the 150th anniversary of the Confederation will cost somewhere in the region of half a billion Canadian Dollars, with at least $300 million spent on regional infrastructure development. 

The Royal Canadian Mint held a national contest titled My Canada, My Inspiration for the design of the reverses of each of five circulating Canadian coins. The winners were selected by an online vote in September 2015 and in November 2016 an unveiling ceremony was held.

The Toonie or $2 coin was themed around ‘Our Wonders’, the Loonie or $1 coin was themed on ‘Our Achievements’, Quarter on ‘Canada’s Future, the Dime on ‘Our Character’ and the Nickel on ‘Our Passions’. 

Like the UK’s £5 and forthcoming £10 notes, the Canadian $10 anniversary note is made from a polymer substance, and laden with security measures against currency fraud.

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