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The election is over and it’s time to count your pennies

19 Jun 2017

It’s fair to say the pound has had a hard time since the 8th of June and although it’s recovered a little, it is still a long way from the highs of the pre-Brexit vote in June 2016, when you could get over 1.28 euros to the pound and in 2015, it was 1.40.

So, with your Great British Pounds travelling that bit less far, let’s look at where it will take you and for how long. 

We have a few articles throughout our blog, designed to point you in the right direction and save you money, but for those of you a little pressed for time, here are our suggestions for your well-deserved summer holiday. 

Traditional holiday destinations, even with the volatile pound at play are still worth visiting and while you may bemoan the by-gone days of 3-1 on your US Dollars or those times when we’d laugh at the Euro rate and rub our hands like Scrooge Mcduck, rest assured, you can afford your holiday, you just need to be frugal, budget and browse.

As fun as those long haul trips maybe (not the flight, but the rest of it), let’s think closer to home. 


A trip to one of the Spanish Islands, maybe like those you had with your parents in the 1980’s, is where your money is going to travel that bit further. Flight ticket prices continue to fall, and with barely a wander of your fingers across your keyboard, you can find flights that will barely dent your budget, and of course the beaches are still conveniently located and the restaurateurs have more than a smattering of English.  

*Tickets currently (June 2017) start at all of £23.99 one way and an additional £35.99 if you really want to come back.

If the Canary Islands aren’t for you, how about Greece?


Smack-bang in the middle of four oceans - Mediterranean, Ionian, Aegean and Cretan, Greece is one of the most populous countries in Europe and a tourist destination for the British holiday-going public for decades. Greece has a multitude of islands to visit and the climate often tops the barometer. 

*Greece is a little more expensive; in the region of £65 one way, but it’s worth it. 


Bored of Greece (as if you could be), well, how about Turkey.
There are so many areas of this incredible country to visit, so we decided to narrow it down a little. Attracting on average, 42 million foreign tourists each year, Istanbul is split in two by the Bosphorus, a narrow strait of water which connects the Black Sea with the Sea of Marmara and leaves the city divided into a Thracian side and an Anatolian side. 

*Flights to Istanbul are around £48 each way. 

Lastly, let’s take a look at Croatia 


Flight time form the UK is approximately two hours and your average return ticket price is around £105 via Easyjet. Accommodation can be a little high, but booking in advance and potentially using Airbnb can be a help to the coffers. The country is a simply saturated with timeless and magical cities. From Pula to Split, Dubrovnik to Korčula; beaches, lakes, Roman cities, Game of Thrones (TV Show) locations, festivals, snorkelling, kayaking and even sword dances…Croatia has it all. 

*Dubrovnik is around £56 each way. Great deal!

Each and every one of these locations is tailor-made for the family on a budget with food, drink, amusement and more to be had. Even when your pound is looking a little down, you needn’t be. Our articles explain a little more about where you can go, what you can do and just how far your pre-Brexit pennies will go in a post-Brexit Europe.

Our friends at Tour Croatia have a lovely, free guide, if you need a little more inspiration and offer great package holidays for those of you that prefer to let the professionals do the hard work. 

Currency Tip: Buy your travel money before you go to the airport. If you’ve been saving all year for this break, wouldn’t it be nice to save a little more just before you go away? Remember, currency exchanges in airports charge commission and transaction fees. Do yourself a favour and visit us before you fly. 

Flight Ticket Tip: Delete your computer’s history and cache. This effectively wipes your footprint and allows for fresh searches, free of potential interference from internet bots that limit your ability to find the best rates. 

*All prices from that well known orange flight company as of June 2017.
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