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A new Syrian 2,000 pound bank note

03 Jul 2017

A new Syrian note entered circulation on Sunday, 2nd July 2017 in Damascus and a number of the provinces.

Featuring the visage of President Bashar al-Assad, it is the first time the Middle Eastern country’s leader has appeared on the national currency. 

Central bank governor Duraid Durgham said the 2,000-pound note was one of several new notes printed years ago but the decision to put it into circulation was delayed "due to the circumstances of the war and exchange rate fluctuations".

The value of the new 2,000 pound note (the highest denomination note in Syria) currently sits at around $4 or just over £3. 

The decision to replace the existing notes was cited as wear and tear.

Other notes and coins still bearing the former leader, President Hafez al-Assad are still in circulation and accepted currency in the region.
Note: eurochange do not currently trade in Syrian Pounds. 
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